CF+ (Cruelty Free high performance material) is unique European "high-end" product offering all qualities of classical animal-delivered leather, but in all its material qualities exceeds it.

Results of measuring according to UNE - EN ISO 20344:2011.

Test CF+ Norma
Permeability to water steam (mg/cm2*h) 2,2 >=0.8
Steam of water coefficient (mg/cm2) 20,2 >=15
Abrasion resistance (number of cycles without damage)

dry: 100000

wet: 50000

dry: 51200

wet: 25600

Colour fastness to rubbing (g*s)

dry: >3

wet: >3

dry: >3

wet: >3


Why Cruelty Free ?

Because for its production:

1. no animals are killed or tortured

2. no people are suffering while tanning the skin (more information in "A TOUGH STORY OF LEATHER" >> )


what our customer saying?


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