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Ethical (fair) production

An ethical product is the one that is produced with love, respect, and dignity towards humans and nature.

Ethical towards humans

  • The entire production of Ahinsa Shoes takes place in the Czech Republic (central Europe), in socially and economically dignified conditions for production workers.
  • For production, we use only materials originating exclusively in the EU countries.

Ethical towards nature

  • 20,-CZK from every sold pair of shoes is dedicated for planting and protecting trees. The shoes are marked with this label:
  • the shoes are made within one region of the Czech Republic - we avoid the pollution caused by intercontinental transport.
  • We aim to deliver shoes to you ecologically - we cooperate with DPD spedition, which guarantees "Zero CO2 pollution" politics - more information...

Ethical towards one’s own health

  • the shoes are designed by physiotherapists so as not to deform your feet and let them be free and happy :) More information...