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Individual tuning

We can tune your shoes to your individual requirements in following ways. :) The samples of below mentioned materials can be checked at our selling points and dealers >>.

When ordering in an e-shop, please specify your request - your prefference - in the details of the order (Notes). All individual tuning changes are free of charge, i.e. we do not charge any extra fee for a different outsole or insole :). 

If you wish any other special tuning, for example different material combinations, different size of the left/right shoe ... no problem, just contact us >>.



Each and every outsole is made on order from a special top quality mixture directly in the city of Zlin (maximum flexibility, high attrition resistance). Further information on our  quality standards >>.


Outsole No.1

  • in our humble opinion the optimal performance in flexibility, attrition and adhesion 
  • standard on all all-seasons shoes
  • height 4mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090780_600px  _P1090774_600px

Outsole No.2

  • "off road" design, excellent adhesion (for some purist barefoot fans maybe too adhsive)
  • standard on all winter shoes
  • height 2 mm, ridges 4.5mm (+-0.5mm)

_P1090781_600px   _P1090777_600px

Outsole No.3

  • amazing flexibility, minimal height (for the real barefoot enthusiasts)
  • standard on all children shoes and flats (Mary Janes)
  • height 2.5mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090782_600px  _P1090783_600px



(or what your sole touches)


Insole No. 1

  • from the white terry cloth
  • excellent sweat absorbtion, but prone to smudges

Insole No. 2

  • from synthetic brown shammy cloth
  • standard in all shoes