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Production quality standarts / management

  • Every shoe undergoes two independent quality checks before expedition.
  • The Ahinsa shoes were tested at Baa test room (pull-off and bending tests - with the results exceeding European standards).
  • The results of the pull-off test (determination of the strength between the uppers and soles):
    part of the shoe norm Ahinsa shoes
    welt area min. 8 cant pull
    toe cap area min. 170 N 231 N
    vamp area min. 190 N 250 N
  • We use only top-quality glues from German companies UHU (UHU GmbH & Co. KG) and KÖMMERLING (KÖMMERLING CHEMISCHE FABRIK GMBH & CO.).
  • Only top-quality materials from the renowned EU companies (the Czech republic, Austria, Italy, Portugal ) are used for production, all used materials have their origin exclusively in the EU countries :)
  • Shoe soles are made exclusively on order from the highest quality mixtures available directly at "Batas city" Zlin (maximum flexibility, high level of abrasion resistance)
  • Should your require more details about our quality guarantee, please let us know >>