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How to choose the right size?

The shoes should never hurt or press your feet! However, it should not be too loose at the same time. Try on the shoes wearing ordinary socks. Lace up the shoes so that your heels would "settle" down into their proper position in the shoe. When trying, it is recommended to elevate the heal a bit and put your weight on the toes - this way the toes slide forward slightly and you can find out whether there is enough space for your toes. Lace up the shoes and just walk around a bit to get the right feeling. 

 Due to their design the "Sundara" line shoes have their maximum toe-width approx. 1-2 cm away from the tip of the shoe. It means that when wearing Sundara shoes you can have 1-2 cm of a free space in front of your toes (1 cm with smaller sizes and 2 cm with larger ones). However, you should never "trip over" the tip of your shoe when walking. Concerning the "Paws" line, only a little free space in front of the toes is sufficient.  Please see the picture below - yellow line shows the optimum position of the fingers in the shoe from the "Sundara" collection.


How to measure the size

  • Place your bare foot on the ground with the heel touching the wall.
  • Place some box or other straight edged object so that it would touch the tip of your longest toe. 
  • Put your full weight on the foot.
  • Carefully move away your foot and measure the distance from the wall to the box edge.
  • Find out the size to order in our e-shop according to the chart below. 
  • In case the size does not fit, we will replace it with the fitting size free of charge - see more details and conditions for replacement here >>
  • The measures below are only guidelines, the width of your foot matters too, as well as the shape of your foot and the way of your walking. 
  • The size may vary with different models. With winter shoes take the space for winter socks in consideration. With flats (or mary janes) any extra space may cause the shoe to slide. 
Foot Length
226 36
232 37
239 38
246 39
252 40
258 41
264 42
270 43
276 44
283 45
290 46
296 47
303 48
309 49