Vegan / vegetarian shoes

Not one part of Ahinsa shoes contains materials from killed animals or any animal-derived materials. The production is not connected with the suffering of humans or animals (more information in the section about ethical production)

Vegetarianism ( veganism ) is not just a meal without meat... it is a symbol of human nobility, and understanding to all living creatures.

We do believe that no human being would eat a single peace of meat if they realized how the meat "got on the table". In other words:

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian." / Paul McCartney /

A beautiful video "45 reasons why we are vegans" (Czech with English subtitles):


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Barefoot shoes s special category of shoes constructed in the way, that your feet can work in them like while you are walking barefoot :) They are light, flexible, with full space for fingers and have no heel. Freedom and joy for your feet :)


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