Healthy shoes

Ahinsa shoes® are designed by physiotherapists as well as made in such a way that our whole body can function healthy and naturally (not only the foot but also the whole body). Their function was also verified at Masaryk-University in Brno.

Walking in Ahinsa shoes®, in contrast to walking in normal footwear, allows the stimulation of brain centers, the activation of long muscle chains throughout the body and the so-called core muscles. It maintains the optimal range of motion of the joints ...
It can positively affect the function of the pelvic floor muscles, pregnancy progression, our way of breathing, has a strong impact even on our good mood and mental state in general.
It can prevent multiple arthrosis or vascular problems, reduce the risk of injury, improve our balance, coordination and performance, reduce fatigue, promote vitality, ...

Personal recommendations from physiotherapists and doctors about Ahinsa shoes®

Measurements at Masaryk-Univerzity:

The measurements at Masaryl-University (on the EME-foot scanner) shows the plantar pressure left by barefoot soles, barefoot Ahinsa shoes and ordinary shoes. The result is absolutely amazing - the imprint of the barefoot sole and the Ahinsa shoe is almost identical!

Ahinsa shoes® are avaible in 2 basic versions:

- BAREFOOT - for barefoot lovers, also known as "BEST BAREFOOT SHOES EVER"; this version allows full contact with the terrain and natural movement; more information >>

COMFORT - for those who want maximum comfort in natural motion; this version allows the body to function naturally, and at the same time it provides sufficient comfort, especially in the softness of the tread; more information >> website uses cookies to improve quality and ensure full functionality. By continuing browsing the site, you consent to their use (more information). I agree