Iva Bittová Žingora

149,00 €

Iva Bittova´s exclusive model "Žingora" :)

Iva Bittová is a Czech singer, violinist and actress. Her motto is:

"Thru the arts you can use your imagination.
The Art is a bread and pleasure !
An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life."
Iva belongs to the most significant artists of the Czech alternative music scene. She grew up in a musical family. A music has been a part of her entire life. Iva has performed with a number of avant-garde musicians internationally, has given solo concerts across the world and has gained many awards. Iva is warmly welcomed by her fans worldwide … more info >>

After forty years of touring globally, she fulfills her dream to open a small vocal school  Žingora in Rhinebeck, New York, USA. Iva believes in freedom of the voice and in using the voice as a tool for expressing our deepest needs and desires. Her teaching emphasizes free expression, improvisation and connection with nature.  

The shoe model Žingora has been created especially on Iva Bittova´s request, in compliance with her Žingora project. Upper: heavy-weight hemp canvas from EU. Lining: completly breathable AirNet® mesh (available in hemp if requested) . Outsole: German inovative compound Lifoprene®

Upper material : Konopí
Podšívka : AirNet®
Podrážka : Lifo+ z německé inovativní směsi lifoprene®
Prodyšnost : Úplná
Voděodolnost : Snížená, nutné impregnovat
Použití : Textiní
Údržba : Vhodné ošetřit odpovídající impregnací
Čištění : Vlhkým hadříkem nebo speciálním čističem

Do you know what are you paying for?

  • hand-made shoes
  • the materials of top-quality, sourced exclusively in the EU countries
  • barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists
  • footwear produced in ethic conditions
  • the production does not engage in any form of animal suffering
  • the footwear does not distort your feet and keeps them happy and free :)

Individual adaptations

We will be very happy to make you tailor-made shoes :) And if it is not really a special modification, where we need to change for example shoe lasts etc., the price remains the same as for standard models :)

Material combinations

Do you like the top material of one model and the lining from the other one ? No problem ! Call us, write us or just write as a note your favorite combination when you order it :) 

Only the individual adaptations/combinations can't be returned or size-exchanged...


Outsole lifo+

From German innovative compound lifoprene®; this compound is special for its great abrassion resistance; Lifo+ soles are available now only in sizes 37-44 (other sizes will be developed later)

Outsole No.1

  • in our humble opinion the optimal performance in flexibility, attrition and adhesion 
  • standard on all all-seasons shoes
  • height 4mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090780_600px  _P1090774_600px

Outsole No.2

  • "off road" design, excellent adhesion (for some purist barefoot fans maybe too adhsive)
  • standard on all winter shoes
  • height 2 mm, ridges 4.5mm (+-0.5mm)

_P1090781_600px   _P1090777_600px

Outsole No.3

  • amazing flexibility, minimal height (for the real barefoot enthusiasts)
  • standard on all children shoes and flats (Mary Janes)
  • height 2.5mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090782_600px  _P1090783_600px



(or what your sole touches)


Insole No. 1

  • from the white terry cloth
  • excellent sweat absorbtion, but prone to smudges

Insole No. 2

  • from synthetic brown shammy cloth
  • standard in all shoes


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