The linen is one of the oldest clothing materials. The linen fabric has a characteristic surface texture, it is cool to touch, conducts the heat well away and is moisture resistant. Linen yarns are 20-30% stronger than the cotton yarns and when wet, their strength increases by another 30%. The linen retains its key properties for a really long time (durability). Because of its qualities, we have chosen it for the production of the series of shoes. We use the natural linen with a weight of 570g/m2. The flax is grown and processed in the Czech Republic.


We recommend wiping the shoes lightly with a damp cloth or using a natural soap. It is also advisable to impregnate them against moisture and dirt. If the shoes get wet, stuff them to prevent the linen from shrinking and let them dry. If the linen shrinks anyway, it does not matter, the shoes widen again. website uses cookies to improve quality and ensure full functionality. By continuing browsing the site, you consent to their use (more information). I agree