Mgr. Marika Bajerová

Mgr. Marika Bajerová ist the mother of two children, a physiotherapist and publisher of the journal Umění fyzioterapie (The Art of Physiotherapy).

„In my practice I like to focus on children with movement disorders (since birth), adult women and men vith functional and structural problems and pain in their locomotor systém. I work with pregnant women and women after childbirth for a long time and also with women who have problems getting pregnant. I am a student of Bc. Clara Lewitova and I also teach her teaching „Physiotherapy of function“.

Umění fyzioterapie® (The Art of Physiotherapy) is a professional magazin which is mainly intended for physiotherapy and other medcal and non-medical areas. It can inspire those who are intersted in the experiences, opinions and knowledge gained from the own practice of the authors.

Each copy of this magazin is monothematic. Prominent authors from the world of medicine from the Czech Republic as well as from around the world are approached, who deal intensively with this specific topic.

The magazin Umění fyzioterapie® (The Art od Physiotherapy) appears only in printed form on 80 pages twice a year - in February and September. Each copy are reprinted regularly and can by bought in an Eshop and sales houses.

Marika sums up important principles of the therapy nicely and clearly in the instructional video, which is available below (or on Youtube) for everyone.

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