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Lukáš looked for shoes in which our feet could function naturally, which were made ethically and which did not contain any parts from slaughtered animals. The greatest inspiration for his search were physiotherapist Clara Lewit, who inspired him during his physiotherapy studies with her brilliant, soulful and human approach, as well as the yoga Master Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda with his teaching about ethical values, vegetarianism and non-violence (= ahinsa). This is how the entire Ahinsa shoes project came about.

An important driving force here were patients from Lukáš´s practice, who often slipped into their shoes after successful therapy, which again completely hurt the functioning of their whole locomotor system. That is why he was looking for shoes for her (as well as for himself) that would allow their feet to function naturally. At the same time, Lukáš was becoming more and more interested in what is behind different products before we buy them.

Such findings were often a shock to him and became the „fuel“ for the whole project. The nice upbringing of Lukáš´s parents, the perseverance of his father and the soulful approach of his mother (and her slogan „If you don´t ask you get nothing.“) created a solid foundation on which the entire project could grow.

That´s how it all started. Then came the search for production methods, materials, models and above all for colleagues who wanted to participate in the project.

From the beginning, Lukáš paid attention to an ethical production with regard to the nature as well as to the health of all customers, workers and employees of the whole company. That is why we follow simple principles: healthy, high-quality shoes made with care and love.

Company Ahinsa shoes® is there for you. Without you it would be nothing.

Thank you very much.



Ahinsa is an old Vedic term that can be translated as "non-violence". It meance a noble and responsible way of living and thinking.

In this sense, we produce our shoes:

  • without violence on our own health - shoes are developed in cooperation with physiotherapists to limit your movement and your nature as little as possible. In such shoes you almost feel like barefoot.
  • without violence on animals - our shoes are 100% vegetarian / vegan, do not contain parts of slaughtered animals.
  • without violence on people - we strive for ethical production without exploitation and abuse of workers (fair trade production).


Wie produce shoes that are designed by physiotherapists and generally have a positive influence on human health. We guarantee the high quality of our products by using the top materials available on the European market in manual production. All materials are 100% vegan and environmentally friendly. The entire company is built on an ehtical attitude. Read more in Our Pinciples.


We gradually begam working with many experts and professionals in the fiel. We would like to thank them here because without them many of our projects would have been impossible. Our big thank also goes to you, our customers. You inspire us every day and help us strive to be better and to produce healthy, vegan and stylish shoes that we believe have a bigger outreach. We wish you a good wearing of our shoes!

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