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lukas-klimpera2Ahinsa shoes® is the story of physiotherapist Lukáš Klimpera and his quest for shoes that would enable not only our feet, but also the whole body to work naturally, healthily and happily + that would be ethically made from only the highest quality materials and not contain any parts from slaughtered animals. The strongest inspiration for Lukáš’s quest was his yoga master Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda and the physiotherapist Clara Lewit, who amazed Lukáš with her brilliant, sensitive and human approach back when he was studying physiotherapy at Charles University.

The driving force were patients from Lukáš’s practice who, after successful therapy, often slipped into shoes that once again damaged their locomotor system. For his patients (and for himself, too), he began to search for shoes that would enable the natural function of their feet and body. At that time Lukáš was becoming more and more interested in what lurked behind the products he was buying. The things he discovered were often so shocking that they too became “fuel” for the whole project. Also, the solid upbringing provided by Lukáš’s parents – the perseverance of his father and the sensitive approach of his mother (and her motto: “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”) – created a firm foundation on which the whole project was built.

That’s how it all began. Lukáš next had to find a manufacturing method, materials, models, and the most important thing – colleagues interested in helping create the whole project.

From the very beginning, Lukáš paid attention to ethical production – showing proper respect to nature and the wellbeing of every client, as well as employees and co-workers across the company. The principles followed are therefore quite simple: healthy, high quality footwear, made with care and love.

Ahinsa shoes® are here for you. Without you they would be nothing. Thank you very much :)

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What “Ahinsa” means

Ahinsa is an old Vedic expression that can be translated as “non-violence”. It means an honourable and responsible way of living and thinking.

With this in mind, we produce our shoes:

  • without violence to our own health – the shoes are made in cooperation with physiotherapists in order to restrict your movement and your nature as little as possible – wearing them is almost like being barefoot :)
  • without violence to animals – the shoes are 100% vegetarian/vegan, they do not contain any parts from killed animals
  • without violence to other people – we strive to achieve “fair trade” ethical production, without exploiting or abusing production workers


Ahinsa shoes® received many awards and great results in independent tests. We are so thankful for all of them :) But the best award if the happy feedback from You, our dear customers :) 


Principles of Ahinsa shoes®

We manufacture footwear designed by physiotherapists to benefit people’s overall health. The functionality of Ahinsa shoes® has been verified by Masaryk University in Brno (more information >>).


We are able to ensure the high quality of our products because we make them by hand using the finest materials available on the European market. All materials are 100% vegan and as environmentally friendly as possible. The whole company is founded on an ethical approach. You can learn more information by clicking on Our Principles.

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