Comfort shoes

Ahinsa shoes® are avaible in 2 basic versions - COMFORT and BAREFOOT. 

The COMFORT models are designed by physiotherapists, taking into account your comfort and the natural function of not only your feet, but the whole body. These models:

  •  offer the enough space for the position of your toes
  •  are lightweight and made from certified EU materials
  •  are fully flexible in all directions
  •  are supplied with comfortable insole

  • The insole automatically absorbs all moisture (which evaporates again after the end of wearing).
  • The insole surface is made of the certified, innovative material CF+ ultradry, which ensures a dry feeling in the shoe. In laboratory tests, a drop of water is already absorbed in material CF+ ultradry in 2 seconds, in normal leather up to 33 minutes.
  • The insoles were designed in collaboration with the biomechanical institute. The front part of the insole is slightly more compact to avoid the lose of power when rebounding from the toes. The back part of the insole is softer to reduce (dampen) the impact of the foot when treading is not optimal.
  • The base of the insole is made of polyurethane foam with high density and cell structure, which is important for comfort. It is the lightest foam on the market, offering excellent cushioning thanks to its density. Comfort is not just about flexibility, touch and adaptability, but also about thermal balance and breathability.
  • The insole is removable and can be washed.
  • The material has excellent abrasion resistance (e.g. in wet > 200000 load cycles without damage unlike the leather, which is damaged at the same thickness and under the same conditions after 5555 cycles).