Recovertex is a entire new kind of yarn, woven from recycled cotton combined with organic cotton. It only offers comfort and durability. Textiles made from Recovertex fibers can be recycled over many lifecycles. In this way, Recovertex enables a true renewal in the textile industrie. And how exactly does it work?

On a farm owned by the Hilaturas Ferre family in Spain, textile waste and worn-out clothing from all over the world are collected, sorted and renewed, where they are cut, shredded and spun into precious renewed yarn. These yarns are then knitted or woven into practically all garments, accessories, household or industrial textiles. After wearing out, they are returned back to the factory of the family Ferre, where the whole process can begin again.

Be choosing the Recovertex product, you are supporting our planet in these incredible numbers - Recovertex saves annually:

 - 43,1 billion liters of water
 - 156 million kWh (kilowat hours) of energy
 - 2,9 million kg of textile waste
 - 60,7 million kg of CO2 emissions
 - 4,4 million PET bottles
 - 3,2 million kg toxic chemicals
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