Sundara Bare Coffee Recycled Lifo+

149,00 €

Recycled shoes from a coffee bag from the Mamacoffee - the Czech coffee roastery. When buying a pair of shoes, you will always get a sample of excellent coffee from café Mamacoffee FOR FREE.

Mamacoffee is the oldest fair trade roaster in Central Europe. The impulse for the foundation was the honeymoon trip of Mamacoffee owners to Ethiopia in 2007. The roastery and their first own café were funded a year later.

In Mamacoffee, we rely on preserving our values in all areas of our business. Social and ecological responsibility, quality and long-term partnerships are the key values for us. With many farmers, we build deeper personal relationships. We are intersted in their stories, which we then want to pass on to you. We believe in the quality of our people, services and products. We constantly take care of all these qualities.

Upper: coffee bag - hessian with high jute content

Linning: fully breathable netting AirNet®

Sole: LIFO+, made from German innovative mixture Lifoprene®, with great flexibility and wear-resistance.

Upper material : Kávový pytel od pražírny mamacoffee
Podšívka : AirNet®
Podrážka : Lifo+ z německé inovativní směsi lifoprene®
Prodyšnost : Úplná
Voděodolnost : Snížená, nutné impregnovat
Použití : Textiní
Údržba : Vhodné ošetřit odpovídající impregnací
Čištění : Vlhkým hadříkem nebo speciálním čističem

Do you know what are you paying for?

  • hand-made shoes
  • the materials of top-quality, sourced exclusively in the EU countries
  • barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists
  • footwear produced in ethic conditions
  • the production does not engage in any form of animal suffering
  • the footwear does not distort your feet and keeps them happy and free :)

Individual adaptations

We will be very happy to make you tailor-made shoes :) And if it is not really a special modification, where we need to change for example shoe lasts etc., the price remains the same as for standard models :)

Material combinations

Do you like the top material of one model and the lining from the other one ? No problem ! Call us, write us or just write as a note your favorite combination when you order it :) 

Only the individual adaptations/combinations can't be returned or size-exchanged...


Outsole lifo+

From German innovative compound lifoprene®; this compound is special for its great abrassion resistance; Lifo+ soles are available now only in sizes 37-44 (other sizes will be developed later)

Outsole No.1

  • in our humble opinion the optimal performance in flexibility, attrition and adhesion 
  • standard on all all-seasons shoes
  • height 4mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090780_600px  _P1090774_600px

Outsole No.2

  • "off road" design, excellent adhesion (for some purist barefoot fans maybe too adhsive)
  • standard on all winter shoes
  • height 2 mm, ridges 4.5mm (+-0.5mm)

_P1090781_600px   _P1090777_600px

Outsole No.3

  • amazing flexibility, minimal height (for the real barefoot enthusiasts)
  • standard on all children shoes and flats (Mary Janes)
  • height 2.5mm (+-0.5mm)

 _P1090782_600px  _P1090783_600px



(or what your sole touches)


Insole No. 1

  • from the white terry cloth
  • excellent sweat absorbtion, but prone to smudges

Insole No. 2

  • from synthetic brown shammy cloth
  • standard in all shoes


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