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Dear customers, we appreciate you very much, we are here thanks to you and we are here for you. Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a part of "our-your" project. You all have open doors with your ideas, suggestions, cooperation opportunities,...

With your purchase of Ahinsa shoes you will - if you like - become a member of our project, our community and have better prices for your next purchases (10-30%):

Discount 10 % on the second pair of shoes *

Discount 15% on the third pair of shoes *

Discount 20% on the fourth pair of shoes for you and your family members *

Discount 20% for your anonymous feference: If you are really satisfied with Ahinsa shoes and give us your anonymous reference (just with your first name) that we can use on our websites and in social networks, we will be very happy and offer you a 20% discount on your next pruchase from us. *

Discount 30% for a photo with Ahinsa shoes (beautiful, positive and high quality photos from different places in the world): We use your photo anonymously on our web and in social networks (only with your first name and the name of the place), in the photo can be only Ahinsa shoes or you in Ahinsa shoes, it depends entirely on you. We reserve the right not to use the photo you send. *

The shoes for such concessionary prices can be ordered by e-mail to info@ahinsashoes.cz.

Thank you very much.

* CONDITIONS: Shoes purchase means under the above conditions can not be exchanged or returned (we believe that this should not be a problem for you as you already have experience with the size and type of shoes). The purchase means a purchase in our e-shop. It does not apply to goods that you have purchased elsewhere, in a special offer or in a sell-off.

Discounts can not be combined.

Change of conditions is reserved.

If you have any questions, please contact info@ahinsashoes.com.


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Barefoot shoes

Special shoes design in a way that your feet feels like you are walking barefoot. Ahinsa shoes are light, flexible,with lots of space for your toes. Providing Freedom and joy for your feet.


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