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Over 20,000 pairs of Ahinsa shoes are now trotting the globe. What do their owners have to say about them?

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I have problems with my toes, my second toe crawls on top of my big toe. I had a surgery but it came back. So I'm happy to have wide shoes. I have also experienced that my feet start to hurt after 10 km in old shoes - I also have a collapsed transverse arch. After changing shoes to barefoot, I can still continue walking without pain.

I no longer wear shoes other than barefoot. It has never happened to me that my feet hurt in barefoot shoes and I walk at least 10 km every day. I am 70 years old. I also like that they are made of soft leather and I don't have a chafed toe - the one that goes on top of my big toe.

Milan Bild

I am delighted with your shoes. I'm walking amazingly and I finally found shoes in which my feet don't hurt after a long walk. I will definitely buy another pair.

Lenka Kalinová

I want to thank you not only for the beautiful and functional shoes, but also for the great cooperation and communication, the shoes did not fit right away because they were a different cut than what I am used to. Thanks to the quick exchange, I have shoes that fit perfectly and in 3 days time.

I will continue to prefer your company, not only for quality shoes, but also for excellent communication and quick response.

Vítězslava Ivičičová

I have to say that I bought the shoes on the recommendation of a doctor. I didn't really believe it, but now I'm really excited. When walking, the legs naturally get blood supply, so the fear of being cold has completely disappeared. Even the position and overall strengthening of the foot arch is visible

Markéta Šimičková

The shoes are amazing, fit beautifully and are incredibly comfortable to walk in. These are my first shoes of this type. Until now, I wore ordinary shoes with a narrow toebox, but after having pain in the arch and hips when walking for a long time, I decided that rather than wearing orthopedic insoles, etc., I would try these shoes.

After the first walk I couldn't believe it, I almost don't feel that I have any shoes on, walking is amazing. When I remember how my legs hurt after every walk. From the first steps, the pain disappeared.

Šárka Koutská

I read somewhere that you can become addicted to these shoes... ;-). I admit that I didn't fully believe all the information, but I do now and the addiction has set in. The shoes are amazing and I went out in them almost all summer, so I also ordered ankle boots for autumn and I really like walking in them.

Magda Cermanová

Ahinsa shoes are absolutely amazing, incredibly light and comfortable. Ever since I learned to walk in barefoot shoes, I feel like my feet are being suffocated in ordinary shoes. I read your ebook and thanks to it I understood barefoot walking better. They are definitely not my last barefoot shoes from you. Thanks a lot.


I chose a pair of casual shoes in your store, we have walked our first kilometers together and I must say that the shoes are absolutely great 👏 Thank you very much!

Šárka Filipiová

Your shoes are my first BF. We have already walked a few tens of km together and I adore them. So far they haven't gotten wet inside, even once, and they went through a storm in the fall, when there was 5 cm of water on the road and now heaps of snow.

Romana Kotrlová

So far I'm walking in my winter boots, the best boots I've had (even barefoot). At first, they were tight across the instep, but after a week they loosened up a bit. On the road I feel a harder impact on the heels, but not on softer terrain. When I walked at home, I stomped and now I don't stomp anymore. They are very comfortable shoes, classic shoes are uncomfortable for me, I gave them all away.😉 I recommend your shoes everywhere.

Iveta Heroutová

So far, Ahinsa shoes are the best for me out of the "boots" available on our market. I started using Barefoot approx. 5 years ago on the recommendation of a physiotherapist (back pain, tendency to transversely flat feet) - I tried different manufacturers. In general, I can confirm from my own experience the health effect of the correct use of barefoot shoes - my back doesn't hurt, I don't "stomp" even when I'm in a hurry...

I like the material, the appearance, the speed of delivery of your products - simply the overall quality of the products and the quality of your services. I have spring, summer and winter shoes from your company and as I already mentioned, they are the best for me :)

Iva Fröhlichová

Your shoes are simply divine!!! That comfort... well, a balm for my feet. I have the Sundara Ankle Barefoot Boots and have been wearing them all winter with the merino insole and I'm absolutely satisfied! I also bought the Ananda barefoot ballet flats and they are great too, I can't wait to wear them with fashionable summer outfits! Really excellent work, super quality, leather is soft, pliable and fits beautifully. Thank you and I look forward to more great stuff!

Veronika Brenkusová

I'm excited about the shoes - that's it in a nutshell. I have been wearing the shoes for about 10 days and they are great. I was afraid that the soles would be too thin, but (I have the Comfort version) it's great. Even on these days, when the temperature is around -5 °C in the morning, I am not cold in them.

I work in an office and I keep my shoes on all day (up to 10 hours). Unlike other shoes, I don't get sweaty or tired feet from them. The soles do not slip (and I have tested this on a smooth wet floor in the hallway).

Did I notice changes when I walk? Yes, I have had so-called "flat feet" since I was a child (I don't know if this is the correct name for the diagnosis) and even though I exercised regularly as a child, my legs - feet - sometimes hurt. Not from my new Ahinsa boots.

I am really excited, they are light, flexible and look very nice on the feet. In short, I'm glad I discovered you and I'll definitely buy another one.

Lucie Jelínková

I feel great in the winter boots. I've been wearing Barefoot boots exclusively for 3 years now, and since then I've had no pain in my bunions, which I've developed over the past 35 years...

Lenka Vlková

This weekend I had the opportunity to walk a few kilometers in the snow in your boots and they are great, you did an amazing job. Thank you so much for making them for me.

Magda Cermanová

I ordered the extra wide boots, and I am very satisfied. It was nice to be sent the shoes without unnecessary packaging materials. The feeling of space around my wide and so far oppressed fingers is wonderful. It is much easier to go "with every step, peace".

At the age of 31, I started paying attention to my feet and every day I massage them and caress my toes, which have always been like dead appendages. Thanks to your manual, I am gradually teaching my brain to communicate with these remote limbs and I feel that my toes are slowly coming back to life. I don't wear other shoes in temperatures around zero, so far they have proven themselves even in the wet and cold weather. Thank you for a nice and functional product.

Jonáš Horáček

I feel free, walking in my shoes, and only in retrospect do I realize how VERY important it is to me. After a week of walking in the new shoes, I don't want the classic ones anymore. Basically, I don't take them off my feet (at home, yes). I still have to be aware to walk properly. It's about training and habit.

I read the e-book and keep coming back to it. I tried all the exercises and it went pretty well. Thanks so much for such a great idea and getting back to natural movement. So far I have the first pair, which will certainly not be the last.

Dagmar Suchopová

I really appreciate what you have created and all the people around your company. These are my first barefoot shoes and I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are exactly as I imagined. So, they are definitely not the last and I can only recommend them to everyone.

Miroslav Svoboda

The shoes are absolutely perfect - the materials and the look, not to mention the perfect fit. I've only worn barefoot shoes in the summer so far, and I have to say that this winter version is really flawless.

I'm literally enjoying being outside these days, I'm sending a photo from my morning walk and I'm looking forward to more pieces from your workshop, I'll definitely be back.

Pavlína Melikyan

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