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Over 20,000 pairs of Ahinsa shoes are now trotting the globe. What do their owners have to say about them?

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I'm very very happy with my new shoes, they are comfortable, ethical and healthy for my feet - What do I need more?

Michael Meier

The shoes feels fantastic both for material and feeling, the best ones i've tried. This is the best vegan shoes out there in my opinion!

Francesco Nanni

I’m writing to say I LOVE my simple black barefoot sandals. I wear them everyday and I feel so happy in them. Thank you for making them!!!!!

Jacqueline Smith

I received my second Ananda pair and I'm very happy with them. I wanted something quite particular (comfortable, stylish, barefoot and high-quality vegan shoes) and Ahinsa makes just that.
Thanks again to you and the team for making such a great product.

Pablo Rodrigo

The shoes (Chitra Trek&Trail x wide) are really good, best toe box and feel I’ve got out of any minimalist shoes I’ve worn over the years and feel really good in the trail. The ebook was very helpful in filling a couple of gaps in my own knowledge and they turned up in just a couple of days after ordering. I had to pay a hefty bit of import tax as I live in the UK but overall I’m extremely happy with the shoes. I absolutely love the shoes and I would have replaced my road running shoes with a pair as well.

Amanda Brown

Your shoes are fantastic, very comfortable, naturally closed to the ground, my toes splay like actual barefoot walk. Absolutely no issue. I’m vegetarian and a barefoot fan, so I was looking for barefoot, vegan, dress shoes for years, finally I met you guys. By the way, I’ll try your recommended exercises in order to strengthen my feet, improve my strides, and prevent running injury.

Shin Smith

Everything was perfect, the shipping and the shoes too. I have ananda and sundara shoes and both are comfortable and durable.

This Ahinsa shoes gives me an incredible ground feeling and true barefoot lifestyle, my brain always gets a lot of information about the ground.

So I prefer Ahinsa to over all other brands. If only I had knew Ahinsa earlier. If I had known before, I would not have bought another brand's shoes. Ahnisa's shoes suits everyone at the city and off course go with in the woods or hiking.

Mine are made of vegan leather which is waterproof and breathable. To my knowledge they are perfect, aren't they?

Adam Gal

Just took an pair out for a test drive on a holiday in Porto! They were excellent in terms of breath ability, comfort, and style. I’ve also been wearing my pair of boots to the office a few times in Stockholm and have also loved the look and feel. I log about 15 000 steps before my feet started to hurt in the shoes (but this is my first pair of barefoot shoes ever so I know I’m pushing my feet at a faster rate than I probably should).

I had an awkward stride to begin with, but have noticed an immediate difference whenever I switch between my Ahinsas and other shoes.

Thanks for the products and continue the great work. I have already started recommending them to friends and colleagues

Corey Martinez

I absolutely love them! As someone with very wide feet it is amazing to have shoes wide enough to not only not press on my pinkie toe, but also be able to wear my toe spacers in them!! I've been wearing them to the gym and they're my new favourites.

Mel Stones

So far, Ahinsa shoes are the best for me out of the "boots" available on our market. I started using Barefoot approx. 5 years ago on the recommendation of a physiotherapist (back pain, tendency to transversely flat feet) - I tried different manufacturers. In general, I can confirm from my own experience the health effect of the correct use of barefoot shoes - my back doesn't hurt, I don't "stomp" even when I'm in a hurry...

I like the material, the appearance, the speed of delivery of your products - simply the overall quality of the products and the quality of your services. I have spring, summer and winter shoes from your company and as I already mentioned, they are the best for me :)

Iva Fröhlichová

The shoes are very good and makes you have a better and more atemptive walk, i like the shoes and they are very comfortable. The same about the design, nice one too. So, until now my experience with the 2 pairs I bought are very positive. Thanks for that.

Gonçalo Matos

I ordered the extra wide boots, and I am very satisfied. It was nice to be sent the shoes without unnecessary packaging materials. The feeling of space around my wide and so far oppressed fingers is wonderful. It is much easier to go "with every step, peace".

At the age of 31, I started paying attention to my feet and every day I massage them and caress my toes, which have always been like dead appendages. Thanks to your manual, I am gradually teaching my brain to communicate with these remote limbs and I feel that my toes are slowly coming back to life. I don't wear other shoes in temperatures around zero, so far they have proven themselves even in the wet and cold weather. Thank you for a nice and functional product.

Jonáš Horáček

I have only worn my new shoes for about an hour in total so far. But that is all the time i need to let you know that my new Chelsea boots are absolutely perfect in every way! I have shoes from different companies, but Ahinsa is from now on (and probably ever) my new favorite brand. As a vegan barefoot enthusiast, its not always easy to find the right shoes. But I found them today! THANK YOU!

Thale Waaler Eggen

I love your shoes and tell everybody how wonderful they are! Next to my wish list are the ribbon sandals, but I am still saving up for them! Thank you so much!

Maria Paciullo

I wanted to thank you for making these shoes. As a colleague, I really appreciate the concept behind it. I have been wearing barefoot shoes for the last 3 years now. My feet has gone down a size because my arches have increased. The design is also superb, in fact, I think I will purchase another pair soon.

Alan Rastelli

I just wanted to say that the shoes are wonderful: I have never felt quality and comfort like this. Ahinsa has just earned a lifelong customer.

Matty Evans

It's my first time buying this brand. I've got to say it could not have been better. First of all my pair of shoes arrived in 48h. Knowing I live in the Balearic Islands it has been a great surprise to me. Then, I used them yesterday and they fit perfectly and are so comfortable for walking. So the size guide in your webpage works great. Thank you so much, I will definetely recommend this brand.

Blanca Muntaner

I love the shoes and the feeling they give my feet. I am still in the process of recovering from years of wearing the wrong shoes but your shoes are helping a lot! Would buy and recommend them any time! :)

Linda Baxter

I am very happy with the shoes - I bought 3 pairs and using the simple sizing guide on your website, they all fit well. I cannot say I have noticed any particular changes in my stride, but that is not expected because I had already been wearing barefoot shoes for years prior to purchasing some from Ahinsa Shoes. I noticed changes when I started wearing barefoot shoes originally, for sure. I downloaded the e-book and began reading some of it. I plan to finish reading it soon. I liked what I read so far - I find it both interesting and practical :) I appreciate, admire, and respect yourself and your business and feel privileged to get to wear your shoes! Thank you for what you do.

Zachary Tervonen

I have problems with my toes, my second toe crawls on top of my big toe. I had a surgery but it came back. So I'm happy to have wide shoes. I have also experienced that my feet start to hurt after 10 km in old shoes - I also have a collapsed transverse arch. After changing shoes to barefoot, I can still continue walking without pain.

I no longer wear shoes other than barefoot. It has never happened to me that my feet hurt in barefoot shoes and I walk at least 10 km every day. I am 70 years old. I also like that they are made of soft leather and I don't have a chafed toe - the one that goes on top of my big toe.

Milan Bild

I am delighted with your shoes. I'm walking amazingly and I finally found shoes in which my feet don't hurt after a long walk. I will definitely buy another pair.

Lenka Kalinová

Put simply, I love my Ahinsa Bindu! They’ve started making a big difference to my daily health & overall return to enjoying life. I’d been experiencing plantar fasciitis on & off for the last 3-4 years. I’m over 60, still work a 5 day week & never enjoyed sport or exercise, but do love to walk my dogs. It was becoming increasingly painful & difficult to get through the day. Needless to say I wore my Bindus as soon as they arrived & were the only pair of shoes i took with me on a 3 day trip to Paris! Walked miles, barely a twinge in my feet! My feet have changed shape, wider spread toes, ankle stability has improved. I love that I now feel the terrain under my feet through the flexi soles, such a joy.


I want to thank you not only for the beautiful and functional shoes, but also for the great cooperation and communication, the shoes did not fit right away because they were a different cut than what I am used to. Thanks to the quick exchange, I have shoes that fit perfectly and in 3 days time.

I will continue to prefer your company, not only for quality shoes, but also for excellent communication and quick response.

Vítězslava Ivičičová

The shoes are amazing, fit beautifully and are incredibly comfortable to walk in. These are my first shoes of this type. Until now, I wore ordinary shoes with a narrow toebox, but after having pain in the arch and hips when walking for a long time, I decided that rather than wearing orthopedic insoles, etc., I would try these shoes.

After the first walk I couldn't believe it, I almost don't feel that I have any shoes on, walking is amazing. When I remember how my legs hurt after every walk. From the first steps, the pain disappeared.

Šárka Koutská

Ahinsa shoes are absolutely amazing, incredibly light and comfortable. Ever since I learned to walk in barefoot shoes, I feel like my feet are being suffocated in ordinary shoes. I read your ebook and thanks to it I understood barefoot walking better. They are definitely not my last barefoot shoes from you. Thanks a lot.


I chose a pair of casual shoes in your store, we have walked our first kilometers together and I must say that the shoes are absolutely great 👏 Thank you very much!

Šárka Filipiová

I feel free, walking in my shoes, and only in retrospect do I realize how VERY important it is to me. After a week of walking in the new shoes, I don't want the classic ones anymore. Basically, I don't take them off my feet (at home, yes). I still have to be aware to walk properly. It's about training and habit.

I read the e-book and keep coming back to it. I tried all the exercises and it went pretty well. Thanks so much for such a great idea and getting back to natural movement. So far I have the first pair, which will certainly not be the last.

Dagmar Suchopová

I really appreciate what you have created and all the people around your company. These are my first barefoot shoes and I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are exactly as I imagined. So, they are definitely not the last and I can only recommend them to everyone.

Miroslav Svoboda

I would really like to express my appreciation and enthusiasm for the fact that you guys make vegan, ethical, wide-enough (!) shoes that are durable and made in the EU and also by hand. It’s so nice that I have the opportunity to make a conscious and responsible choice regarding climate and sustainability thanks to you!


Since ordering my first beautiful pair of Ahinsa shoes in the autumn of 2020, the only shoes I wear 95% of the time are Ahinsas! They are more comfortable (SO COMFORTABLE 🥰!) and last so much better than the other brand I used! Before barefoot shoes, my feet would hurt all through the night. Once I started wearing barefoot, that pain went away!

Lilith Jones

I'm a vegan Electrician in San Diego, CA while living in Tijuana, MX and I've been on a journey studying kinesiology and mobility to heal many injuries I've sustained over the years. I've been wearing barefoot shoes for almost 8 years and have loved them since I started wearing them. I absolutely love these shoes!!! They're simple, stylish, and functional! They have the spacing for my toes to work and when I combine them with my toe socks, I feel like I'm walking barefoot! I love what your brand is doing with barefoot shoes and I will always recommend them to anyone who asks.

Jose Martinez

The shoes are incredible! You put them on and immediately want to go out for a walk. They fit like they are made for you. Thank you so much for this feeling of freedom!!

Annelies Miedema

The shoes are great, I got the Jaya last week and I already purchased another pair – this time I ordered the Ananda. I already used barefoot shoes but I never found barefoot boots so comfortable.
Can’t wait to get my new pair!


I realy want to thank you so much for the wonderful shoes. They are the best shoes I ever had. Feel so much more connected to my body and alive. It's a blessing to wear them. The whole process was lovely and felt really personal.

Andrei Barbos

I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for my Ahinsa Shoes, I absolutely love them! Finding a stylish vegan barefoot shoe was quiet the challenge, and I genuinely appreciate your efforts in creating these shoes!!

Justin Marucci

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