Barefoot or Comfort?

We’ll advise you on which line to choose, so every step is a pleasure. 

Why do we make Ahinsa shoes in two versions? 

Because that’s how we give you perfect barefoot shoes…and also comfortable shoes for barefoot beginners.
Because our Comfort shoes protect your feet against harsh impacts until you learn how to walk healthily. 
Because even if you’re not a fan of walking barefoot, you still deserve healthy and supportive Comfort shoes.
special Comfort insoles for Ahinsa shoes
Special Comfort insoles will ensure you're walking healthily even if you're just beggining with barefoot shoes.

All of our shoes are healthy 

Every pair is:  

  • Spacious, with a generous toe box 
  • Made from flexible and adaptable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Handmade in ethical conditions 

What makes them different from each other?

Ahinsa Barefoot Shoes

  • Thin outsole (from 2 mm) 
  • Thin liner (insole)
  • Zero-drop (no heel)
  • The same as walking barefoot

 Ahinsa Comfort Shoes

  • Foam insole or thicker outsole 
  • Protection against harsh impacts
  • Nearly zero-drop (does not tilt the foot like a heel)
  • Comfortable stride without feeling every stone under foot


Did you know…? 

Ahinsa Comfort shoes are a great way to get used to barefoot walking. Once you’re ready, almost all models allow you to remove the yellow foam insole and get perfect barefoot shoes.