Barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists

We believe that the human body is simply perfect. Any interference with the natural functions, capabilities, and movements of the body can cause pathological compensations in other parts of the system. 

Footwear has a significant effect on the natural function of the body. This is why our shoes are designed to reduce the amount they limit the natural function of the foot, allowing you to walk as if you were barefoot :) 

Results of measurements at Masaryk University at Brno, Czech republic made on EMED foot scan showing pressure imprint while walking barefoot, in Ahinsa shoes and in common shoes. Thre result is amazing. Imprint while walking barefoot and in Ahinsa shoes is nearly the same.

In our opinion, shoes should :

1. respect the anatomical shape (structure) of the feet

2. respect the function of the feet

In practice, this means:

1. enough space for the toes (wide front of the shoe) - your toes are able to sufficiently grip and rebound, the foot arch is naturally stimulated

2. zero heel - the feet (and whole body) are in a natural and balanced position, the joints are centered

3. thin and flexible sole - the feet can "read the terrain", the brain is receiving essential information necessary to maintain balance, the feet can adequately respond to changes in terrain, the rebound allows for optimal power transfer on the floor

4. minimal shoe weight - less weight on your feet for a more natural gait, feels like walking barefoot

5. shoes do not deform the feet and can reduce injuries - encourages natural foot movement, increases strength in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and lower leg that can help reduce the chance of injuries