What are Ahinsa shoes made of?

In a world full of disposables, we make shoes that last for years. Ethical. Eco-friendly. Comfortable.

Ethically produced
We use only vegan materials manufactured responsibly in Europe.
Minimal impact on the planet
We look for natural sources, recycled materials, and other materials that will last.
Your comfort
Our shoes adapt to your feet, keep them dry, and allow them to breathe.

We select our shoe materials with care

CF+: Better than leather

Cruelty-free material that looks no different from leather at first glance. At second, it does: it lasts a lot longer and molds to your feet from the first time you wear it. 

In shoes made from CF+ (90% polyamide and 10% polyurethane), your feet can freely breathe and stay dry.

CF+ nubuck and suede: Style with a clear conscience

We love soft suede and nubuck, but normally, these materials are made from animal skin and require complex maintenance. That’s why we began searching for our own options — and we found them. They’re breathable, durable, and ethically produced. 

  • Soft to the touch 
  • 100% vegan
  • Extra breathable
  • Wick away sweat from your feet

Hemp: Nature’s tough guys

You’ll fall in love with hemp shoes, especially in summer. They protect your feet from the sun, keep them cool, and let them breathe. Even better, they last – these are the world’s toughest natural fibers. There have even been discoveries of natural fabrics that date back thousands of years. 

Our shoes might not last thousands of years, but they will take millions of steps with you. We’ve tested them ourselves. 

  • A green source: minimal water needed for production 
  • Your feet can breathe in them
  • Extremely durable material

Ethical fur: Warmth without cruelty

You can even find Ahinsa shoes walking in Finnish snow. And we’ve heard straight from Finland that our vegan fur keeps feet toasty warm even in the harshest temperatures

And thanks to a special membrane, it also wicks away sweat from your feet. You’ll experience a truly cozy winter when you wear shoes lined with this fur. 

  • 100% vegan
  • Wicks away sweat from your feet
  • Warms your feet even in freezing Finnish temperatures (Tested)

AirNet: A breath of fresh air for your feet

Inhale. Exhale. Breathing is an essential function of human life — and your feet need to breathe, too. That’s why we chose this extra breathable Airnet mesh for our shoes. Your feet can breathe, sweat gets wicked away, and you’ll feel more comfortable than you’ve ever been in your life.  

  • Adapts to your feet
  • Allows air to reach your feet 
  • Wicks away sweat 
  • Extra durable

Ahinsa Phira: Textiles back in action

Textile waste is overwhelming the world. Every month, retailers release new collections, and the old ones get thrown out. We’re buying more than we can wear. 

But what can we do to stop the cycle of production — store — closet — landfill? We need a way to put our old textiles back into play. And we know how to do it. We’ve discovered a material we call Phira, made from discarded textiles that have been sorted, cleaned, and taken apart. They are used make new fibers for new fabric. And from this, we handcraft a brand-new pair of shoes.

Something old and something new is created at the same time.

Ahinsa Malai: When shoes smell like coconut

Designer Zuzana Gombošová discovered that farmers in southern India produce vast amounts of coconut waste. Even a small farm dumps around 4000 liters of coconut water per day! It pollutes the water and acidifies the soil. But what can you do about it? 

Zuzana found a way to put that water to good use. She feeds it to the bacteria that produce cellulose, which she uses to make a beautiful and 100% biodegradable material

We are thrilled to use this material to craft our Ahinsa Malai sandals.

Mabel: Leather made from apples helps the planet

There are a lot of ways to make things easier for the planet. One of them smells like apple pie. 

Mabel is a material that is made of 25% apple waste. It looks like leather, it lasts for years, and it helps create more sustainable Ahinsa shoes. 

It’s nothing new. Mabel material has been produced in Tuscany since 2010 and has proven to be useful to shoemakers and furniture manufacturers. 

  • Sustainable material
  • 24% made from apple waste
  • Firm and durable

Coolmax lining: Dry and comfortable all year round

All of our linings wick away sweat from the feet. But, for our athletic shoes, we needed something more heavy-duty. 

The Coolmax lining has proven to work wonders. It’s breathable, durable and unbeatable in the summer. 

It absorbs moisture from the feet and wicks it away. At the same time, it lets in fresh air

Go for a run! Coolmax will keep you dry and comfortable. 

  • Light and breathable lining
  • Absorbent, wicks away moisture
  • Brings in fresh air

Ahinsa CF UltraDry: A corn miracle

We've been looking for a lining that would look after your feet for a long time. A lining that breathes and wicks moisture away from your feet. And we found it. 

It's called Cruelty Free UltraDry. It looks like leather, but it's so much better. 60% of this lining comes from corn polymer, a natural, non-GMO and easily recyclable material. 

We also love this lining for what it can do. It absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water, so your feet stay dry.

Waterproof Membrane: Lets water out, not in

Dry feet? That's the goal. But waterproof material alone often isn't enough. You need something that wicks sweat away from your feet.

We've found the solution. A membrane with micropores.

These are 12,000 times smaller than a water droplet, so water can't seep in. Yet, they're 400 times larger than vapor molecules, allowing moisture from your feet to escape easily.

Put our hiking boots to the test. They'll keep your feet dry.

  • Flexible and durable membrane
  • Wicks sweat away from the feet
  • Won't let a single drop of water in
  • Lab-tested

Technogel: Around the city like walking on a cloud

You might not want to feel every stone under your feet. And that’s ok. 

We’ve been looking for a way to cushion your steps and bring you joy as you walk. And so we found Technogel. It’s a flexible gel that will make your stride comfortable, even in the midst of the city. 

You won’t have to watch every step. Enjoy walking, wherever you are. 

  • Flexible gel
  • Cushions and softens your step

What shoes are you wearing?

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*Our materials can be recycled in specific places for textiles, but are not compostable. Just put them in the nearest bin for textiles.