Physiotherapists and doctors about Ahinsa shoes®

On this page we publish personal recommendations from physiotherapists and doctors about Ahinsa shoes.


Mgr. Ludmila Dítětová, physiotherapist and instructor of Ludmila Mojžíšová-Method

Ahinsa shoes allow the feet natural movement because they provide plenty of place for the toes. The thin and flexible outsole gives the feet a chance to optimally perceive the ground. This will set the postural habits well. We must mention the ethical and ecolgical production that is realized in the Czech Republic. All this makes the Ahinsa shoes an ideal choice for anyone who wants more than just the shoes and wants to enjoy a real walk.

MUDr. Hana Bořecká, doctor

Ahinsa shoes are for me beautiful, original Czech barefoot schoes, which are characterized by careful craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials - natural or recycled. They provide enough space for the fornt of the foot, which is necessary for the correct posture of the toes and which also influences the posture of the whole body.

MUDr. Ivana Siváková, doctor

Since the summer I am the enthusiastic owner of Ahinsa Ananda Ballerinas - narrow cut, black color. I never planned to leave the shop in Ahisa shoes. Because I have very small feet that slip out of most shoes because of extremely low instep and narrow ankles. However, this narrow cut fits me perfectly. The heel sits very well in the shoe, the strap over the instep of the feet holds the shoe firmly on the foot and I do not go crooked. There is a generous space for the toes and even if I need less space for my toes in width, the foot moves in the shoe nowhere. Due to the shoe cut in the thumb area I recommend these ballerinas women who lave a mild hallux. The toes and the whole foot have a real space for their work while walking. At first glance, ballerinas are visually very wide, but I quickly got used to it and also received many compliments for these beautiful shoes. They are simple, sbutle and fit for any occasion. It is very pleasant to walk in these ballerinas. They are soft, the material is pleasant and so far it seems to be quite durable even with excellent processing quality. While I ran after two kids, I did not care about these shoes and yet they look like new. I still learn to walk properly and not to stomp on my heels, as in classic footwear. I appreciate the accompanying info text to the ballerinas with tips on how to get toknow and practice proper walking. I have only been wearing barefoot shoes for two years now and I am very happy to have met Ahinsa shoes. These ballerinas have met all my requirements and I believe they will serve me for a long time.

Mgr. Lenka Lešková, physiotherapist

I also recommend Ahinsa shoes from the point of view of physiotherapy. They fulfill all requirements for a natural walking and give the feet sufficient space for the work of proper sole and stimulation, which in my opinion is an important part of the movement. The Ahinsa shoes allow people to become more aware how they are walking and of what kind of terrain they are walking. One is better aware of his body and is more aware of how the body works in a basic movement, such as walking.

Bc. Marie Pavlas, physiotherapist

I would recommend Ahinsa shoes for their comfortable use, as they support the natural function of the foot when walking and offer plenty of room in the width. The thickness of the sole is in my opinion just great for walking comfort and also works as the mechanical foot protection.

Mgr. Paulína Mináriková, physiotherapist

I bought the first Ahinsa shoes ten years ago when I started walking barefoot. Thanks to my great experience I do not wear any other shoes anymore and my feet and joints as well as my spine are very grateful for that. I have tried several brands of minimalist and barefoot shoes, but I prefer to wear Ahinsa shoes.

Compared to other brands most models of Ahinsa shoes look "civil", not like sports shoes, and you can choose the color of the shoes according to your own imagination. The fact that the company Ahinsa shoes is ready to make bespoke models and also to repair shoes is a big bonus. I also recommend this company to my clients because I find it to be honest - it appreciates the work of its employees, care about the quality of the products and does not use any animal materials in its production. I work as a physiotherapist and for the health of my clients I find correct movement perception and movement bahavior very important. And to that the "feeling" of the feet definitely belongs.

Miroslava Gupta, physiotherapist

From the point of view of the physiotherapist, I find the bonus of Ahinsa shoes to be that they allow good contact with the terrain thanks to the 2 mm-sole so that the foot can "read" and react to it. This stimulates the muscles of the longitudinal and transverse arch. From an anatomical point of view, the Ahinsa shoes replicate the natural shape of the forefoot and do not press on the toes during rebound. By lining the muscles, the leg subsequently straightens the entire musculoskeletal system, thereby helping to improve posture. The stimulation and facilitation of the feet thanks to tohe Ahinsa shoes are also effective for those brain receptors that guarantee balance and coordination. They effectively improve the sense of movement and position.

Mgr. Marie Kalmanová, physiotherapist

The shoes are very comfortable and pleasant. How comfortable they are and how much freedom my feet have in Ahinsa shoes became clear to me when I put on my "normal" shoes. These shoes blocked moving of my feet at rebound and contracted them in the forefoot area. Sometimes when I walk, my heels are painful, expecially when I walk fast and do not give my feet time to dampen the tread naturally. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone who wants to start walking barefoot to work on their feet - I feel my reserves there as well.

In Ahinsa shoes, I enjoy the terrain, I feel the small bumps on the sidewalks, the softness of the grass and the comfort of the shoes. Now the Ahinsa shoes are the first shoes I want to wear when going out.

Mgr. Eva Oriňáková, physiotherapist

The Ahinsa shoes respect the function of the feet and with their enough wide shape and flexibility allow the feet to move naturally. The feet feel at home in it. The Ahinsa shoes are very comfortable and pleasant and at the same time you can feel solid ground under your feet. My Ahinsa shoes are an example for people who come to me, and I am glad that I can recommend these shoes with a clear conscience. I also often recommend to people to watch the inspirational video, the company Ahinsa shoes with Mrs Clara Lewit about barefoot shoes has recorded.

Mgr. Zuzana Mohylová, physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist who has been interested in foot problems for a long time, I know how important for the correct rebound of the foot while walking is the shoe, which makes it possible to feel the surfance on which one is alking, and in which the toes have enough space. If the shoes has a maximally flexible shoe sole, the sole of the foot can perform its function. All this allows the foot to use the muscles so as to securely cushion the impact when the sole of the foot hits the surface and so that the toe muscles repel the sole of the foot to the next step. All these attributes meet the AHINSA SHOES and I recommend them!

Bc. Ivana Michalisková, occupational therapist

From Ahinsa shoes I bought Sundara (flower model) about half a year ago. I am absolutely satisfied. First of all, I would like to highlight their health effect. Walking in these shoes is like "barefoot", the foot comfortably copies the terrain and in rocky terrain the walking is not uncomfortable or painful. The front of the shoe is wide enough, so the arch can spread quiet well.

Bc. Radka Černá, physiotherapist

Ahinsa shoes are in my opinion some of the few that meet the demands of barefoot shoes. At the extremely flat transverse arch, the shoes offer enouhg space for the toes, even after inserting the additional layer. The flexibility of the shoe is excellent.

Mgr. Eliška Bachová, psychologist

When we wear barefoot shoes, we are forced to perceive our surroundings, the earth, our body, we receive much more sensory stimulation. Walking in barefoot shoes stimulates our brain, our cognitive functions, our senses and our emotions. I have two pairs of Ahinsa shoes for several years and they make me hapyy whenever I put them on.