You won’t find better shoes. Guaranteed!

Do you know of barefoot shoes that are better than Ahinsa shoes? Let us know, and we’ll give you a 50% discount. Here’s how it works. 

We've combined the experience of physiotherapists and designers and chosen high-quality materials. That's how we know that Ahinsa shoes are the best barefoot shoes in the world.

Prove us wrong. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you because we love learning — even from our competitors. And we’re happy to reward you for helping.

What makes Ahinsa shoes the best?

  • They come with a 3-year warranty
  • They are lightweight. 
  • They flex in all directions 
  • They have a thin outsole. 
  • They don’t slip, even on wet surfaces. 
  • They give you room to center your toes. 
  • We ethically produce them using sustainable, cruelty-free materials. 
  • We choose quality materials: certified, breathable, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant. 

Even better, we offer both a classic Barefoot line and a Comfort line for barefoot beginners. Our Comfort shoes come with a unique insole that cushions the impact on your heels.

Take a look at what our materials can do


Do you know shoes that are better across all of these specifications?

Shoes made for everyone

We created our Comfort line for everyone who wants comfortable shoes but isn't ready or don't want to get on the barefoot journey just yet. Our Comfort Ahinsa shoes have a special foam insole and a layer of Technogel that softens your every step protects your joints from harsh impacts.

Don't rush yourself. Enjoy wearing spacious and light-weight shoes that protect your every step.

Space for your toes

Ahinsa shoes respect the shape of your foot, providing your toes with plenty of room. A size 41 shoe comes with the following widths: 8.9 cm, 9.9 cm, and 11cm.

Extra lightweight shoes

One pair of size 41 Ahinsa shoes weighs 450g.

They bend with your foot

Ahinsa shoes adapt to your natural movement — bending when your foot does. That’s because we’ve chosen flexible materials and added extra space above the instep.

A thin outsole

Ahinsa shoes’ thinnest outsoles measure just 2mm yet won’t wear through.

Our thin and flexible outsole, made from the German-developed compound Lifoprene®, has proven itself to us. It allows your foot to “grip the terrain” and feel it. Our outsole also resists wear and won’t slip. 

You won't slip

Our outsoles have been tested by the accredited testing laboratories ITC with great results: They adhere up to 2.5x times more than normal outsoles. This means they won’t slip, even on wet surfaces

Take a look at the test results.

In reality, Ahinsa shoes are even more reliable than the results. The outsole adapts perfectly to the ground, so you have a much larger area of contact than you would with a classic, stiff outsole.

Extended 3-year warranty

We know that our materials simply last. From the extra-durable German sole to the absorbent lining and CF+ vegan leather. To prove it, we offer a guarantee on them not for the standard two years, but for three. 

We know from our own experience that Ahinsa shoes will bring you joy for longer. 

Select shoes with an extra warranty

Made ethically from sustainable, cruelty-free materials

Every pair of Ahinsa shoes is handmade with love, respect for nature, and without harming animals or people. 

See what independent organization Nazemi, which monitors working conditions around the world, has to say about us.

High-tech materials that last

We choose smart materials, which make you feel good and are built to last. 
Our CF+ material looks like real leather, but is much better. Here’s why:
  • It meets one of the most stringent health and safety standards.
  • It’s breathable and wicks moisture away from your feet. 
  • It’s waterproof. 
  • It resists scuffing and flaking. 

If we’re being technically precise, CF+ meets the following criteria: Test results according to the international standard UNE-EN ISO 20344:2011.


Test CF+ Standard
Water vapor permeability (mg/cm2*h) 2,2 >=0.8
Water vapor transmission coefficient (mg/cm2) 20,2 >=15
Abrasion resistance (number of cycles without damage) Dry: 100000 Wet: 50000 Dry : 51200 Wet: 25600
Color fastness under abrasion (g*s) Dry: >3 Wet: >3 Dry: >3 Wet: >3

Do you know of better shoes? Let us know. We’d love to hear about them — and we’ll give you a 50% discount.

We’ll give you a discount if you come across shoes that exceed Ahinsa shoes in all of the parameters mentioned above. 
Here’s a quick recap of them in case you don’t remember: 
  • Space to center your toes
  • Flexibility in all directions
  • A thin outsole
  • Non-slip (adhesion)
  • Ethical materials and production
  • Barefoot and barefoot beginner shoe models
  • Modern, high-tech materials
The “best shoes on the market” guarantee applies to models made from CF+ material with LIFO soles marked with “Best Shoes Guarantee”. We reserve the right to change its conditions.