Your individual design, custom-made for you by Petr Jáchym

Yes, these beautiful shoes can be yours :) thanks to our unique cooperation with the exclusive designer, Petr Jáchym.


It's very simple! You select the Ahinsa shoes you want Petr to decorate exclusively for you. As you choose, know that Petr’s paints adhere best to hemp or AirNet®.

After selecting your shoes, decide whether you want to give Petr complete freedom on the design or whether you want to give your own input. If so, we will help you get into contact with Petr so that he can get to know you a little in order to tailor the design to your personality!


The price of this bespoke designer piece is 99 EUR / 119 USD + the price of your selected shoes. We value this exclusive cooperation highly, as Petr doesn’t design for any other shoe brand but Ahinsa! With each pair of shoes you will also get a personal inscription and a certificate of authenticity.

Are you in? Please contact us at We will confirm all the details concerning the shoes and other matters with you. Full payment should be made after you choose your footwear. Each uniquely designed pair of shoes is an individual custom-made product which cannot be returned and its size cannot be changed. Petr only uses the highest-quality paints available, but you still must keep in mind that these shoes are fashionable, not heavy-duty ones.

Still thinking? Have a look at these additional gorgeous photos below :)



Gallery of Ahinsa shoes® decorated by Petr Jáchym:







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