Give your beloved jeans a new soul

Ahinsa Jeans

They’ve been with you on first dates, job promotions, and the most beautiful trips. And now you should say goodbye to them?
Wait a minute! Send your favorite jeans to us.
We'll make them into shoes you won't want to take off.

1. Choose your size

Find your size 🡪

3. Send us your jeans

4. Wait for us to confirm we can use your jeans

5. Your new shoes will arrive in 40 days

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What kind of denim is best for making shoes?

The stronger the fabric, the better. Unfortunately, stretchy denim is not suitable as the shoes would lose their shape and would not last long. Feel free to send us jeans that are a little torn or worn.  

Did you choose one of our lace-up styles, such as our Jaya, our winter boots, or Sundara ankle boots?  It’s best to send us a large denim jacket or two pairs of jeans, so we have enough material.

What kind of shoes can you make me?

We can make any shoe model in our collection. Sandals, casual lace-up shoes, ankle boots, sneakers, ballet flats…it’s up to you

Keep in mind that we will need more material to make more complicated models, such as winter boots or ankle boots. Please send us two pairs of jeans.

What happens if you’re not able to use my jeans?

We will send you an email and discuss what to do next. We can either send your jeans back or arrange for sustainable disposal. 

And don’t worry if we can’t use your jeans, we’ll be happy to make you other shoes that will still make Mother Nature happy. Take a look at our recycled shoe collection, Ahinsa In Love with Life.

How much will I pay for my shoes?

It depends on the model you choose. Custom-made jeans shoes need a special care in the production process, that’s why they will cost 20% more than our classical models. But you can be sure that there’s noone else wearing the same shoes as you are.

You can take a look at our other men’s and women’s shoes for comparison.

When do I pay for my shoes?

No need to worry about payment now. As soon as your shoes are ready, we’ll send you more information about how to pay.

Why does it take 40 days to make my shoes?

Because we make all of our shoes by hand, we measure, cut, glue, and sew every pair ourselves. Quality takes time, and we give every one of our shoes the care and attention they deserve. 

Do my shoes come with a warranty?

We guarantee all of our work for two years. If a shoe breaks or anything goes wrong with the outsole or another part that we have provided, we will take care of repair or replacement. However, we cannot vouch for the quality of your denim, so it is not covered under our warranty.

I don’t know how to choose a size. Can you help me?

Of course, we’d be happy to help!

1. Trace both of your feet on a piece of paper. Keep your pen or pencil as straight as possible and avoid going underneath your foot. 

2. Add your measurements on the same paper. 

3. Send your drawing to us along with your jeans. 

4. Take a picture of your feet and send it to us (you can email it to

5. We’ll contact you and advise you about the best shoe fit for your feet.

Can I return my shoes if they don’t fit?

Since your denim shoes are custom-made just for you, unfortunately, it’s not possible to return them.  

We recommend that you spend time and carefully select your shoe size correctly. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us at We are more than happy to help you!