How to Choose Shoes for Summer 2024? Tips for Comfortable and Fresh-Smelling Footwear

Narrow ballet flats. Pumps. Classical sneakers. Do you know what they all have in common? None are healthy shoe options for summer.

Why? We'll tell you in a moment. And we'll advise on how to choose summer footwear that will let you enjoy the season comfortably and with fresh-smelling feet.

It'll take you 5 minutes to read, but comfortable shoes will bring you joy for many years.

The Best Summer Shoes Have a Wide Toe-Box

Why do we lump classic sneakers, ballet flats, and pumps together? Because they all have narrow toe boxes.

In a narrow shoe, toes are squeezed together, not functioning properly. Your feet won't support you well – and they'll sweat more too. From there, it's a small step to odors, fungal infections, and skin mycoses.

The best summer footwear features a wide toe box. Once you slip them on, you'll understand. The comfort of finally being able to move your toes!

Man in white Ahinsa shoes Vida barefoot sneakers

Healthy summer shoes feature a wide toe box.

Feet swell more in the summer. Don't constrict them!

With the heat, feet tend to swell. That's why for summer, it's essential to wear extra comfortable and spacious shoes. Eliminate stiff loafers or narrow pumps from your shoe collection. Look for healthy shoes that copy the anatomical shape of your foot.


  • Your foot will fit into the shoe even with slight swelling.
  • Swelling decreases more quickly when the foot can move naturally.

Choose Breathable Shoes: Made from Hemp and AirNet

Do you know why feet smell? Because moisture trapped inside shoes creates an environment where fungi and bacteria can thrive, leading to foot odor.

Therefore, look for shoes made from breathable materials. We've found success with these:

  • Hemp – an eco-friendly natural material
  • AirNet mesh – wicks moisture away and breathes
  • CoolMax lining – absorbs water and expels it from the shoe
Woman holding Ahinsa shoes hemp barefoot sneakers
Natural materials like hemp breathe and wick away sweat.

During the summer, you'll walk miles and miles. How can you do this while benefiting your body?

Leave the high-heels in your shoe rack. Your health will thank you for choosing women's summer shoes without heels.

Even the smallest heel alters your body posture. It tilts your feet, changes the position of your legs, and affects your pelvis, spine, and chest. And then the problems begin – from sore knees to a locked back.

That's why, for summer, opt for shoes with a so-called zero drop – meaning no heel at all.

Woman in Ahinsa shoes Simple barefoot sandals
Healthy summer shoes won't tilt you – they have no heel.

Add Softness to the City

The harshness of asphalt and concrete calls for soft shoes — ones that cushion impacts on the heel without restricting natural movement. We've found that anatomical shoes with a Comfort insole work wonders. A foam insole and a layer of flexible Technogel soften impacts, making every step feel like walking on moss.

shoe split where you can see the different layers

Tip: Cork is an excellent natural shock absorber. Check out slippers with a cork sole.

Good Shoes Adapt to You

How many times have you bought shoes hoping they'll eventually "break in"? And how often have you ended up with squeezed toes and bleeding heels instead?

For summer, choose shoes made from soft and flexible materials. For example, the ultra-soft CF+ vegan leather fits perfectly right from the first wear and lasts longer than traditional leather.

We recommend the Hava sandals made of vegan leather. You can adjust them to your ankle and instep. Any excess strap can be trimmed without fraying.

Woman in Ahinsa shoes Hava strappy sandals

Look for summer shoes that adapt to you.

The Suna sandals will adapt even more. Their elastic rubber will snugly embrace your foot, ensuring a perfect fit, whether you have a high or low instep.

A woman's feet in Suna barefoot sandals with crossed rubber straps over the arch

The elastic strap adjusts to both wide and narrow feet, high and low arches.

Every Gram Counts

Are you setting off on vacation? Look for ultra-light shoes. You'll be grateful while packing and during long walks through a new city. For example, the new Simple sandals weigh just 121 grams.

Woman with Ahinsa shoes barefoot sandals

The ideal vacation shoes? Minimalistic and lightweight Simple sandals.

Waterproof Summer Shoes? Better Choose Ones That Dry Quickly

You might be thinking waterproof shoes would be perfect for your vacation, to keep out those summer showers. But be careful not to end up bringing a mini greenhouse home with you. Waterproof shoes often aren't as breathable as you need for the summer. They might not let a single drop in, but your feet end up swimming in their own sweat. So, it's better to choose shoes that dry quickly after the rain. And if you still need something closed and waterproof, look for shoes with a breathable membrane. Here are a few of our suggestions:

1) Stylish sandals that water simply slides off. We've covered our Hava 2.0 sandals in waterproof vegan leather. Seconds after the rain, they're completely dry.

Woman standing on a rock in Hava barefoot sandals made of vegan leather

Hava 2.0 sandals won't soak up water. The rain slides right off – and you're on your way.

2) Trekking sandals with the same super ability. A different model, same principle. Water just slides off, so soon you won't even remember it rained.

Woman walking through terrain in shoes with a prominent Vibram sole

With sturdy trekking sandals, rain is no problem. They also have a sole that can handle wet terrain.

3) Hiking shoes with a membrane. If you need proper closed shoes, opt for the Hiker trekking shoes. Thanks to a special membrane, they're waterproof yet breathable.

Woman tying her trekking barefoot ankle boots, leaning on a rock

Hiker trekking boots are waterproof thanks to the membrane but still breathable.

How to Care for Your Shoes in the Summer to Keep Them Fresh and Clean?

If you're dealing with sweaty feet and smelly shoes in the summer, we have good news for you. In reality, neither your shoes nor your feet are to blame for the odor. Bacteria, which can be eliminated by properly drying your shoes, are the culprits.

How then should you care for your shoes?

  1. When you get home, put your shoes on the balcony to air out. The sun and air will kill the bacteria.
  2. Always let your shoes dry out completely before wearing them again.
  3. Don't leave shoes in direct summer sunlight for too long, as they might fade.
  4. Insert a shoe freshener overnight.
  5. Or scent them with lemon peel and cedarwood.
  6. If they get dirty, wipe them down with a damp cloth. This care is enough for our sandals, as dirt stays on the surface and you can just wipe it off.
  7. Mesh shoes can be washed in a bucket or under running water. Never wash in the washing machine.
  8. Use gentle cleaning agents. Soap or special eco-friendly kits are best.

    Summer Footwear Trends for 2024: Our Top 6 Picks for Stylish Women's Summer Shoes

    We've selected this year's new styles for the city, the mountains, and summer beach parties.

    ☀️ Comfortable Shoes for the Summer Queen

    Looking for one pair of shoes for a romantic dinner, a wedding, an evening party or exploring a new city? Ballerina sandals are your go-to. Their soft soles, adjustable straps, and elegant tulip-shaped tips will make them your favorite pair.

    We've fallen for these shoes because they match well with breezy day outfits as well as more formal dresses for the theater or even a wedding. By the way, we have them in white, black, burgundy and beige.

    Woman with Ahinsa shoes barefoot sandals

    As airy as sandals, as elegant as ballet flats.

    ☀️ Lightweight Sandals for Your Joy

    You know that feeling when you're so light on your feet, you just want to dance? That's exactly what you'll experience in the lightweight and comfortable Hava sandals. They'll adapt to you. You can adjust them at the heel and instep to your liking, and trim any excess strap.

    Hava sandals are perfect with airy linen trousers or comfortable boho-style dresses.

    Woman in Ahinsa shoes Hava barefoot strappy sandals

    Adjust Hava sandals to fit you perfectly.

    ☀️ Stay Dry in any Sports Activity

    Good summer sneakers breathe. Like this new model made from breathable mesh. When running, you can feel the shoes wicking moisture away from your feet. Thanks to the wide toe box, you also bounce off with full force.

    Take them to the city streets or the park. If you prefer running in nature, opt for the trekking version with a more pronounced Vibram sole.

    Woman carrying Ahinsa shoes Chitra Run barefoot running sneakers

    Sweat is part of sport. But good shoes don't hold it in.

    ☀️ Sneakers Made for Summer. Literally.

    Sneakers in the summer heat? Absolutely! The Flow mesh sneakers are literally made for summer adventures. The mesh allows the breeze to pass through, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

    Pair them with a sporty outfit. They're perfect with shorts or canvas pants.

    Friends sitting on stairs, all wearing Flow mesh sneakers in various colors

    Would you like them in navy blue, beige, white, or black?

    ☀️ Style your outfit with new customizable sandals

    Break away from the norm and head out on vacation in new sandals. Tie them with a scarf according to your taste. The scarf is made from a soft fabric that caresses your feet and lasts. When they get dirty, just throw the scarves in the washing machine.

    And what outfits do these sandals complement? They suit gentle and elegant looks perfectly. For instance, with light summer dresses that fall to the knees. Add a bow in your hair or around your neck for a creatively linked outfit.

    Bride tying Ahinsa shoes barefoot sandals

    You can even wear scarf sandals to a wedding.

    ☀️ Chunky Sandals with Elastic straps that streeetch

    If you're tired of thin straps and delicate outfits, Suna sandals are the right choice for you. Crossed elastic creates a bold design and, most importantly, fits any foot perfectly.

    Pair the distinctive Suna sandals with a simple monochrome outfit. A white tank top, black canvas pants – and add a statement piece of jewelry and these sandals. You'll stand out among the colorful summer models.

    A woman's feet in black Suna sandals

    Black Suna sandals call for a simple outfit.

    In the blue version, they're perfect with a denim outfit, like a dress made of light denim fabric.

    Woman in a light denim dress and Suna barefoot sandals

    Wear blue Suna sandals with a denim piece.

    6 Tips for Comfortable Men's Summer Shoes

    ☀️ A Secure Trek to the Mountains

    Facing a summer expedition into nature? Slip into trekking sandals that will support you. The Vibram sole is compatible with challenging terrain, and comfortable straps hold perfectly on your foot.

    Simply ideal for both women's and men's summer footwear.

    With a casual outfit, you can wear trekking sandals for a day trip or vacation. Just grab a T-shirt, canvas shorts, and you're ready to go.

    woman and man holding trekking barefoot sneakers Ahinsa shoes

    Chitra trekking sneakers adapt to the terrain – and just stick.

    ☀️ Sandals Suit Everyone

    Gentlemen, why spend the whole summer sweating in sneakers? Try Simple men's summer sandals for a change. You can wear them around town, to work, or on a trip.

    In black or light brown, they even suit more elegant outfits. Pair them with comfortable linen shorts and throw a breezy shirt over your T-shirt.

    Man in Ahinsa shoes Simple barefoot sandals

    Why sweat in sneakers when you can slip into simple men's sandals?

    ☀️ Comfort Like You've Never Experienced

    Inhale, exhale. Yes, even your feet need to breathe sometimes!

    Try the AirNet breathable Flow sneakers, and you'll understand what we mean. The breathable mesh fabric dissipates heat and moisture from your feet, so you feel refreshed after sports or a long train journey.

    Match mesh sneakers with a sporty outfit. A favorite T-shirt and denim shorts are a sure bet.

    ☀️ Hemp shoes for Summer. Cool, Breathable, and Durable:

    Dreaming of summer shoes that won't make your feet sweat?

    As you wish: Vida Hemp men's hemp sneakers. Hemp fabric is antibacterial, durable, and additionally serves as a UV filter. Your feet breathe freely in hemp canvas, walking the world in dryness and coolness. Simply the perfect comfortable shoes for city life and work.

    Hemp sneakers match the casual style of a seaside sophisticate. Wear a blue linen shirt and linen pants. Add a light blazer.

    Man sitting on a couch, wearing a casual suit and hemp sneakers

    Finally, summer shoes that won’t make your feet sweat!

    ☀️ Cork Cushions Your Steps

    Sandals you can walk in comfortably all summer long. And not just one summer, but many. You'll have space for your toes. Natural cork cushions your steps. And vegan leather wicks sweat away from your foot.

    If cork doesn't quite match your style, check out the minimalistic version with a layer of Technogel.

    And what to wear these sandals with? Perhaps a vacation outfit: a monochrome cotton T-shirt and comfortable canvas shorts.

    Woman holding Ahinsa shoes healthy sandals

    Natural cork absorbs impacts of the heel. That's why men's sandals with cork outsole are so comfortable.

    ☀️ Simplicity is Beautiful

    A pair of sneakers for work, outings, and dates? You’ve found them. Summer slip-on sneakers are so simple and comfortable, you won’t want to take them off. The breathable fabric keeps your feet happy and dry.

    Wear them in navy blue and let the sea inspire your outfit too. How about a dark blue shirt and light canvas pants?

    Woman and man sitting on a couch, both wearing barefoot slip-on sneakers

    We have slip-on sneakers in both women's and men's versions. Match as a couple!

    Do you know what you'll be wearing to venture out into the world this summer?

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