Lukáš Klimpera

Physiotherapist and founder of Ahinsa Shoes

Lukáš Klimpera has come a long way on his journey towards a healthy stride. He started his career as a programmer but burned out after years of intense work. That’s why he decided to devote himself to a field that has always enticed him. 

He studied physiotherapy at Charles University, where he met Clara Lewit. This prominent Czech physiotherapist inspired Lukáš with her vision of healthy and natural shoes

After graduation, Lukáš worked at the LOGO clinic in Brno under the supervision of head physician Kateřina Moráňová. It was here that he verified Clara Lewitová’s ideas in practice. And because there was still no brand of healthy and ethical shoes on the Czech market, he decided to create his own. 

That’s how Ahinsa shoes were created. Hand-crafted vegan shoes that respect the shape of your foot. During the first years of the company’s operation, it gained customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and today people throughout the world are wearing them. Ahinsa shoes are and will remain comfortable and ethical and will accompany you for millions of steps.

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