How do I choose the right size?
Size exchange at our expense
Returns within 14 days
Why should I buy Ahinsa shoes?
What are you paying for?
Does Ahinsa cover repairs or a warranty?
What's the difference between barefoot and minimalist / comfort shoes?
Does Ahinsa offer factory outlet sales?
How do I take care of my shoes? What should I watch out for when wearing them?


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How do I choose the right size?

We have prepared a set of simple and very precise instructions >> on how to choose the best and most accurate size for you.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. However, if this size still isn't a perfect fit, no worries -- we will be happy to exchange it at our expense. Just keep reading!

Size exchange at our expense

We will be happy to change the size if your shoes don't fit you :). Just send the shoes back to our address mentioned below with information about what size you need, and we will send you the new size AT OUR EXPENSE as quickly as possible :).

To keep this size exchange fair for everyone, we can accept only shoes that are 100% clean and not worn.

Ahinsa shoes - Walk free s.r.o.
Masarykova 260
768 05 Koryčany
Česká republika

Returns with 14 days

You can return the ordered shoes at any time within the statutory 14-day period by sending them to the address above. Of course, only the clean and not worn shoes could be returned.

A frequent reason for the return is wrong size - do you know that we will be happy to exchange the size for FREE? Please read the question above >>

Why should I buy Ahinsa shoes?

Ahinsa shoes are unique, designed by doctors and physiotherapists, ethically hand-made from European materials of the highest quality.

Ahinsa shoes are recommended by doctors and physiotherapists >> and their function has been verified by Masaryk University in Brno >>.

We are an independent, enthusiastic company that believes in the motto “Be the change you want to see”. We don’t talk much, but we work hard.

We don’t have investors telling us what to do... we grow step by step based on your suggestions, wishes, and comments.

We were literally created “from nothing”, thanks to all of you, our dear customers :). Find more info in our story >>. You can be a part of us too - just join Ahinsa community >> !


What are you paying for?

The word “pay” often has a negative connotation. When you buy Ahinsa shoes, you don’t "pay” but “support” your health and these benefits:

  • footwear completely designed by physiotherapists -- it doesn’t distort your feet and keeps the whole body happy and free :)
  • hand-made shoes
  • materials of top-quality, sourced exclusively from EU countries with health attestation
  • footwear produced in ethical conditions
  • footwear production which doesn’t engage in any form of animal suffering
  • footwear manufactured in the Czech Republic and now also in our new production site in sunny Croatia.

Please read Our story >> !

Does Ahinsa cover repairs or a warranty?

All Ahinsa shoes are covered by a legal warranty. We do our best to ensure your satisfaction with our footwear, so they can serve you for as long as possible. We use only the best materials and each shoe undergoes a double inspection before shipment.

If there is still any reason to claim a problem, please contact the site where you purchased the product.

Liability for defects cannot be interchanged with a service life which is manifested by wear and tear due to normal, regular use.

In case of a claim, please provide the claimed goods, a description of the defect, the original or a copy of their purchase (receipt, invoice) and your full contact details (name, surname, address, telephone, and email).
Shoes sent to claim must be complete, clean, free of all impurities and odorless. Claims must be applied without delay, immediately after detecting the defect.

In the case of “worn” shoes, we will try (if at all possible) to repair them. Please contact us at info@ahinsashoes.com sending us a description and preferably also the photo of the shoes and we will agree on the next steps :)

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What's the difference between barefoot and c?

Barefoot is primarily designed so that not only your feet, but also your whole body can function as naturally and healthily as possible. Without any compromises, as close to barefoot as possible.

Minimalist or comfort footwear is best particularly for:

  • those of us who want the “most comfortable shoes in the world" :) – maximum comfort and health when walking, which you will not find in other shoes
  • those of us who want to start using barefoot shoes, but their body is not yet fully prepared for this and want the transition to be completely safe. In a comfortable minimalist shoe, the foot has enough space for its natural function, the shoe is light and flexible while at the same time providing protection against hard landing and shocks

minimalist/comfort shoes are also delivered with special insole:

Does Ahinsa offer factory outlet sales?

During production, there will always be some products with minor manufacturing defects: glue stain, inaccurately sewn seam, etc. These shoes with cosmetic (not functional) defects can be found in our sales >>. The photos of the shoes are real, and all models are covered by a legal warranty.

How do I take care of my shoes? What should I watch out for when wearing them?

Basic information on the recommended treatment and maintenance of shoes can be found in the package leaflet of your model.

In general, from the point of view of the musculoskeletal system, it is appropriate to pay attention to the way of walking: not to fall hard on heels, rolling the foot naturally, etc. Check out this video with physitherapist Clara Lewit for more details!

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