Free shoes for a year contest

We are the company Walk free s.r.o., ID No.: 047 24 470, located at the address Vnější 896/17, Prague 4, 140 00, Michle, Czech Republic and registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 252705 (hereinafter "Ahinsa").

In the period from September 4 to September 7, 2023, we are announcing a contest in which you can win our shoes for a whole year.

1. Date and place of the contest

The contest will run from September 4 to September 7, 2023 on the Ahinsa e-shop and in our brick-and-mortar store in Londýnská Street, Prague.

2. How can you enter the contest?

  1. Buy shoes from our new autumn 2023 product range between 4 September and 7 September 2023.
  2. The purchase contract for the shoes must remain valid throughout, even after the contest ends – i.e. you may not withdraw from the contract (“return” the shoes to us).
  3. Each participant must meet the terms and conditions listed below.

3. Participants in the contest

  1. Any natural person over 15 years of age who complies with the rules of this contest ("contestant") is eligible as a participant. 
  2. All of Ahinsa’s employees and associates including their close relatives are excluded from the contest.
  3. Individuals who do not meet the terms and conditions for participation in the contest or who act in contradiction to the contest rules, proper ethics or legal regulations will not be entered into the contest or will be excluded from it retroactively. 
  4. We reserve the right to exclude a contestant if we have a justified suspicion that they are acting in contradiction to proper ethics, these terms and conditions or legal regulations.

4. Prize

  1. The prize is a year's worth of Ahinsa shoes. Specifically, this is one pair of shoes for each season of the year for the course of one year (i.e. 4 pairs of shoes). 
  2. The winner can choose their own shoes, either gradually or all at once; however, the choice is always approved by Ahinsa, primarily with regard to the availability of the chosen footwear. If the chosen shoes are not available, the winner will select another pair.
  3. Awarding the prize is dependent on a valid purchase that has been entered into the random prize drawing. If the contract between Ahinsa and the contestant is terminated (e.g. due to a cancellation, withdrawal from the contract, etc.), the purchase will be excluded from the contest, the random prize drawing and therefore from any winnings.
  4. Please note that we cannot send the prize to places where delivery availability is limited due to war, natural disasters or other similar complications beyond our control.
  5. There is no legal entitlement to the prize.

5. Selection of the prize winner

  1. The winner of the contest is the participant who:
    1. fulfills the terms and conditions for participation throughout the whole course of the contest
    2. was randomly drawn by the contest organizer 
  2. Evaluation of the contest will be carried out by Ahinsa.
  3. After the contest ends, Ahinsa will randomly select a total of three winners – two from a purchase made via the e-shop and one from a purchase made through the e-shop. Purchases from the brick-and-mortar store in Londýnská Street, Prague will be entered into the random drawing as part of purchases from the e-shop.
  4. The number of pairs of shoes from the Autumn 2023 collection you buy from us during the contest period corresponds equally to the number of times we enter you into the drawing. One pair of shoes is one entry into the contest.
  5. After the random drawing on Facebook and Instagram, we will announce the winners (by first name and surname) and also contact them via email or phone.
  6. Contestants who do not win will not be notified in any way.
  7. If the prize cannot be delivered, it will be forfeited, or we may make another decision concerning its further use.

6. Processing of personal data

  1. For the purposes of carrying out the contest and entering you into it, we need some of your personal data. 
  2. We can only process this data with your consent, which is voluntary but essential. Without it, we cannot enter you into the contest and award you with a prize. You can withdraw your consent at any time. If you do so, we will continue to provide you with our products and services, but we will be forced to exclude you from the contest and any awarding of prizes.
  3. We process data about the contest order, i.e. your first name, last name, e-mail, your comment in the order form and purchase data. We need this data to enter contestants into the contest, contact the winner and deliver the prize.
  4. We process the personal data for the contest for the period necessary to carry out the contest (i.e. for the duration of the contest and 6 months after its termination) and, in the winner’s case, for 1 year after the end of the contest for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations that arise from the contest and also for the period established by law for the fulfilment of our legal obligations (namely consumer protection, accounting and tax obligations). 
  5. If you send us a photo with your prize, we will process your likeness based on your consent, which is also completely voluntary and withdrawable at any time. Such processing will be carried out for the purposes of online promotion for a maximum period of 5 years after the contest on our website and on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.
  6. You have the right to contact us at any time at or at the postal address listed above to request information about what personal data we process about you; to request access to this data, have it updated or corrected or request a limitation to its processing; to request a copy of the personal data we process; to request that we delete your personal data; and, in certain cases, to request data transferability. If you think we are handling your data improperly, you can file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection or take your claims to court.
  7. More information on the processing of personal data, e.g. data linked to purchases, can be found here.

7. Conclusion

  1. We reserve the right to alter the contest’s terms and conditions. We will announce any changes on our website.
  2. Please note that if you send us photos, videos or other material linked to the contest, you are responsible for ensuring that they do not infringe on the rights of third parties (namely personal, ownership or copyright). You grant us a non-exclusive license to use your social media post for the duration of the contest and for 5 years after the contest is terminated for the purpose of online marketing. 
  3. In the event of a conflict between the rules of the contest listed on promotional materials and the text of these rules, the wording of these rules will prevail. 
  4. The competent authority for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, registered office at Štěpánská 44, 120 00 Prague 2, ID No.: 000 20 869, internet address: It is also possible to use the online dispute resolution platform located at
  5. Facebook and Instagram’s platform operator, Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd., is not the organizer of the contest and this contest is not sponsored, supported, administered or otherwise linked to Meta. Meta accepts no responsibility for the contest. 
  6. We will keep the original wording of the rules posted on the website throughout the duration of the contest.

In Prague, date: 20. 8. 2023