Men’s Sandals - Brown
Men’s Sandals - Brown
Men’s Sandals - Brown
Men’s Sandals - Brown
Men’s Sandals - Brown

Men’s Sandals - Brown

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Do you know what you are paying for ?



  • ručně vyráběnou obuv
  • materiály nejvyšší kvality, které jsou výlučně ze zemí EU s certifikacemi zdravotní nezávadnosti
  • obuv navrženou fyzioterapeuty
  • obuv, jejíž výroba probíhá v etických výrobních podmínkách
  • obuv, jejíž výroba není spojena s utrpením zvířat
  • obuv, je komplet navržena fyzioterapeuty, nedeformuje Vaše nohy a nechává je šťastné a svobodné :)


  • plně rozložitelná ekologická péče o obuv
  • špičková kvalita, mnohem lepší než u neekologických výrobků
  • navrženo ve Švédsku
  • vyráběno v Německu


At work, in the park, or on the beach. No matter where you go in Ahinsa sandals you’ll enjoy every step. 

Specially designed by physiotherapists to set your feet free. They gave you generous space for your toes and a natural cork footbed that’s extra light and flexible. Plus, they chose vegan leather that lasts years and can be easily wiped clean with a cloth. 

Jump into summer in style in comfortable and practical sandals. Put on a pair of Ahinsa shoes. 

  • Designed by physiotherapists for ultimate comfort and a healthy stride
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia
  • 100% vegan
  • Made from quality European materials

Created by experts on healthy walking

Have you ever noticed the shape of your ordinary shoes? Completely different from your feet. Let’s change that, together. Our sandals were designed by physiotherapists so your feet truly get what they need. 

Free your toes. Regain your natural balance. Your entire body position will improve. 

Wear sandals that are healthy and comfortable. 

  • Enough space for the natural movement of your toes 
  • Supports healthy walking

Lightweight cork cushions your steps

You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds with our natural cork footbed. It’s ultra-lightweight and naturally cushions every impact. We’ve also added a durable, non-slip outsole below the cork to secure your every step. 
Wear eco-friendly material produced right in Europe. 

  • Natural European cork
  • Cushions heel impact
  • Non-slip outsole

Cruelty free: Better than leather

CF+ is the best shoe material we’ve discovered so far. 

It doesn’t scuff, no matter how hard you try. It wicks away moisture from your feet and it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty — simply wipe it with a clean cloth. 

Even better, you’ll know no animals were killed to create the shoes you’re wearing. 

Put on sandals that are comfortable and ethical. 

  • Extremely durable material 
  • Keeps your feet dry 
  • Ethically-made and eco-friendly



Physiotherapists about Ahinsa shoes®


Ahinsa shoes allow the feet natural movement because they provide plenty of place for the toes. The thin and flexible outsole gives the feet a chance to optimally perceive the ground. We must mention the ethical and ecolgical production in the Czech Republic. All this makes the Ahinsa shoes an ideal choice for anyone who wants more than just the shoes and wants to enjoy a real walk.

Mgr. Ludmila Dítětová

Ahinsa shoes are for me beautiful, original Czech barefoot schoes, which are characterized by careful craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials - natural or recycled. They provide enough space for the fornt of the foot, which is necessary for the correct posture of the toes and which also influences the posture of the whole body.

MUDr. Hana Bořecká

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