To make a shoe really BAREFOOT, enough room for toes is needed. Why is that so important? The principle of barefoot shoes is to use the natural foot support instead of a substitute provided by classic footwear in the form of a firmly deposited foot in precisely shaped shoe with the hard shoe sole. For this natural foot support properly to function, we must also také advantage of the support of the phalanges. That is impossible if we forcibly press our toes together. We do not even have to compress them anymore, because over the years, when we wore bad shoes, our toes have become accustomed to faulty posture and they hold themselves together spontaneously. If we wear barefoot shoes with enough space in the toe area, the toes gradually start to move away from each other, creating a firm support in the right position. To speed up this process, you can also use the Corret Toes commonly recommended by doctors (see photo below).

Ahinsa shoes provide enough space for the toes. This is one of the main reasons why our customers don´t want to by any other shoes. In addition, we also offer very much nin demand, extra-wide shoes in Professional version. Compared to our usual models, this version provides even more space for your toes. This makes that Professional version the widest shoe on the market! So if you need extra space for your toes, be professional - wear our barefoot model without compromise.

You can order Professional version for any shoe model (only for models with Lifo sole it is not possible, but we are ready to make such shoe on different sole for you).

When placing your order please state the request „PROFESSIONAL - wide shoes“.

Really „healthy“ shoes need to allow your feet to function naturally - and one of those „functional“ parameters is just the full space for your toes.

If the toes have enough space, they can be centered (that is, the axis of the toe is in line with the axis of the metatarsal bone). This centered position is the basic condition for the physiological function not only of our feet, but also of the entire locomotor systém. If the toes are centered, the power transmission through the joints is optimal, there is no loss of power and the joints are not unnecessarily worn out... Physiological position of the toes is the basic condition for the centered position of the rest of the locomotor systém.

Centered toes = the axis of the toe is in line with the axis of the metatarsal bone

Conversely, with decentered toes (lying off the axis, are compressed), the foot can not be optimally stabilized and very offen there is, for example, decentered position of the top placed segments - ankles, knee joints, hip joints, pelvis, spine, ...

Decentered toes (big toe) = the axes of the toes are off the axes of metatarsal bones

If you are interested in more information about Correct Toes, visit the website of the maker: #correcttoes

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