Shoes made from coconut or corn? Discover our new recycled materials

There’s too much of everything in the world. Too many goods, too much waste, too much clothing, and too many shoes that we don’t need. It’s high time we changed our ways. 

There’s too much of everything in the world. Too many goods, too much waste, too much clothing, and too many shoes that we don’t need. It’s high time we changed our ways. 

Let’s use what we already have and make our closets greener.

Ahinsa Malai: When shoes smell like coconut

Designer Zuzana Gombošová discovered that farmers in southern India produce vast amounts of coconut waste. Even a small farm dumps around 4000 liters of coconut water per day! It pollutes the water and acidifies the soil. But what can you do about it? 

Zuzana found a way to put that water to good use. She feeds it to the bacteria that produce cellulose, which she uses to make a beautiful and 100% biodegradable material

We are thrilled to use this material to craft our Ahinsa Malai sandals.

Ahinsa sandals made from recycled Malai material

Would you believe that such a gorgeous material comes from coconut waste?

Reading tip: Interested in learning how Malai is produced? Check out the official page about the process.

Ahinsa Jeans: A new chance for your beloved jeans

Do you have a pair of jeans in your closet that you don't wear anymore but can’t bear to throw away? So do we, and we know just what to do with them! 

Send them to us, and we’ll handcraft them into shoes for you. Comfortable, stylish, and one-of-a-kind — because they’re made from your jeans. 

We can use any sturdier denim without stretch and transform them into sandals, ballet flats, or casual shoes. Learn more about how it works.

Barefoot Ahinsa sneakers made from recycled denim

 Your favorite jeans can be transformed into sneakers like these.

Ahinsa Phira: Textiles back in action

Textile waste is overwhelming the world. Every month, retailers release new collections, and the old ones get thrown out. We’re buying more than we can wear. 

But what can we do to stop the cycle of production — store — closet — landfill? We need a way to put our old textiles back into play. And we know how to do it. We’ve discovered a material we call Phira, made from discarded textiles that have been sorted, cleaned, and taken apart. They are used make new fibers for new fabric. And from this, we handcraft a brand-new pair of shoes.

Something old and something new is created at the same time. 

Barefoot Ahinsa sneakers made from recycled textiles.

Something old, something new, something stylish.

Ahinsa Mabel: Leather made from apples helps the planet

Ahinsa Mabel models 🡪

Feet in a pair of gold Ahinsa barefoot Pura play shoes.

Do you prefer gold or bronze?

Ahinsa CF UltraDry: A corn miracle 

We've been looking for a lining that would look after your feet for a long time. A lining that breathes and wicks moisture away from your feet. And we found it. 

It's called Cruelty Free UltraDry. It looks like leather, but it's so much better. 60% of this lining comes from corn polymer, a natural and easily recyclable material. 

We also love this lining for what it can do. It absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water, so your feet stay dry. 

The lining of barefoot Ahinsa shoes

This lining takes excellent care of your feet.

A few tips for taking your shoe closet green

Buying sustainable footwear isn’t just about the materials used. It’s also about how the shoes are produced and how long they will last.  

Do you know what you can do to make your shoe closet more eco-friendly? 

  • Buy locally. Look for European manufacturers so your shoes don’t have to fly across the world. 
  • Choose timeless styles. Pick out shoes that don’t follow the latest fashions, and you’ll still want to wear them two years later. 
  • Go for longevity. Look for high-quality, handmade shoes.
  • Don’t torture yourself. The more comfortable your shoes are, the more you’ll want to wear them. Choose shoes that respect the shape of your feet. 
  • Give yourself space. If you have to squeeze your feet into your shoes, the material will stretch and wear out faster. 
  • Always clean gently. Instead of throwing your shoes into your washing machine, try cleaning them gently with a cloth. They’ll last longer. 
  • Waterproof every pair. Choose an eco-friendly waterproofing spray and give your shoes the care they need to last for years.
  • Practise slow fashion. Every little step towards greener futer counts.

Choose your ethical and eco-friendly shoes – women's or men's styles?


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