One pair of shoes, years and years of wear. What are all the things that Ahinsa shoes can withstand?

Once you finally find perfectly comfortable shoes, you want them to last forever.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise you “forever”. But, we do know that your favorite Ahinsa shoes will take millions of steps with you. We’ve discovered indestructible vegan leather and soles that you won’t wear out. 

Did you know that we guarantee our shoes with a 3-year warrantee? But, according to our customers, they’ll last much longer than that. 

Just try them on. This might surprise you…

Ahinsa shoes from CF+ vegan leather will last when…

  • You trip. Again and again. You won’t scratch the CF+ microfiber. 
  • You walk through a field-full of mud. With one wipe of a cloth, the shoes are clean. 
  • You get wet. Only a couple of drops might sneak in through the lace holes.
  • You attack your shoes with a fork. As strange as it sounds, we’ve tried it.
  • You forget your shoes in the sea. Yes, also tested. Don’t ask why.
  • You walk 500 miles. And another 500 – like The Proclaimers. You‘re not likely to wear out the sole.
  • You pour oil onto your shoes. Even this happens, but Ahinsa shoes won’t mind. Just wipe them and – voila! 
  • You leave the shoes in the sun for a couple days. The glue won’t come undone
  • You walk through the salt of every icy sidewalk. Winter is tough, but not for your Ahinsa shoes. 
  • You run a marathon. And another. And another. And another. 

The only thing Ahinsa shoes made from CF+ vegan leather can’t handle is you not wanting to wear them. They’d be sad, and we would be too. (But there’s no risk of this, at least according to our customers).

“I read somewhere that you can get addicted to these shoes… ;-). To be honest I didn’t really believe all the information, but now I do, and I’m addicted too. The shoes are great, and I walked in them through almost the whole summer. That’s why I also ordered a pair of autumn ankle shoes, and I love walking around in them.” 

our customer Magda Cermanová

Barefoot Ahinsa shoes sprinkled by water

Sun. Snow. Water. Getting tripped up. Your Ahinsa shoes will withstand anything.

But seriously now. How did we manage this?

It wasn’t easy. Founder of Ahinsa shoes Lukáš Klimpera spent a long time looking for durable materials made ethically in Europe. He searched and searched until he found them at a shoemaking trade show in Italy. 

Discovering the CF+ vegan leather has brought us the greatest joy. And when you add the German Lifo+ sole, proper seams and strong glue, you get indestructible and perfectly comfortable shoes.  

Let’s have a look at the individual parts that make up Ahinsa shoes.

a man wiping muddy barefoot shoes with a cloth

Muddy roads? No problem, wiping with a wet cloth will do wonders.

The upper from vegan leather

In reality, CF+ isn’t leather. It’s much better. The specially modified microfiber breathes from within, but doesn’t let in water. And it will withstand anything. You won’t scratch or scuff this vegan leather, even if you tried. 

Originally this was a material used to upholster yachts. It has to withstand years and years of use, the sea air, the blazing sun and salty water. That’s why average conditions for this material are a piece of cake. 

The sole made from German Lifo+ compound

We make barefoot shoes. That’s why we need a sole that is light, flexible and thin… but also one that won’t wear out easily. 

We searched until we found it. In Germany. Without exaggeration, the Lifo+ compound that we use will last millions of steps. It won’t wear out or thin – at least not in the closest years to come. :)

An added bonus is the fact that it won’t slip. We had our shoes tested for adhesion (i.e. non-slip ability) and found that they adhere perfectly to wet surfaces. More care should only be taken while walking over ice.

The sole of Ahinsa barefoot shoes

Sharp stone on the road? No problem, the sole of Ahinsa shoes won't be damaged easily.

Sewing, gluing and pressing

We’ve got the materials. Now just to join them together – but it’s these connections that tend to be a problem. Just think back on how many pairs of shoes came apart on you. That’s why we take a different approach. 

  • First we sew the shoes together.
  • Then we glue them together with certified German glue
  • Then the two-membrane press comes into play. 

What, a two-membrane press? What is that? It’s a smart little machine that helps manufacture indestructible shoes. First, it presses the first membrane onto the shoe, which stretches over it perfectly. Then comes the second membrane, which presses it down even harder. That’s why the shoes hold together… just as if they were stamped together. 

Our press is quite an atypical solution. We had it tailor-made to fit our shoe lasts, and we’re so happy to have it.

man making Ahinsa shoes on a tailor-made two-membrane press
Thanks to the two-membrane press your Ahinsa shoes will stick together.

The bottom line: Ahinsa shoes are yours for years and years to come 

This is how we make our shoes, which you’ll fall in love with the first time you put them on. Then you won’t want to take them off. And you won’t have to. They’ll last you for years. 

We guarantee this with a 3-year warranty. And if you don’t believe us, you can read the reactions of our customers. They claim that Ahinsa shoes last even longer than the warranty promises. 

Come pick out your own pair.

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