Men's barefoot and comfort shoes

Men’s Hiking Shoes

What would you say to a pair of men’s shoes that you can wear to work, a formal evening or into nature? 

You’ve just found them. Endlessly comfortable shoes designed by physiotherapists, which will last for years.


Explore the landscape in healthy shoes. Ahinsa shoes are designed by the greatest experts in the human movement mechanism – physiotherapists. They know what’s best for your body and what your feet feel comfortable in: shoes with a wide toe box.

27 products

27 products

Shoes that your feet will fall in love with

In classic shoes, it’s as if your feet are imprisoned. They constrict the toes together and don’t leave enough room for free movement. In Ahinsa shoes with a wide toe box, the toes will get as much space as they need.

We make healthy shoes from durable materials, which will adapt to the shape of your foot. What else makes walking in them even more pleasurable? Their light weight, at only about several hundred grams.

Comfort or barefoot shoes?

Which shoe line should you choose? If you love walking barefoot, which allows you to feel the surface under your feet to the maximum, put on barefoot shoes. Thanks to the thin sole, walking in them is like walking barefoot.

Comfort shoes will be popular with anyone who is looking for comfortable footwear that they won’t feel every pebble in. Just like barefoot shoes, they have a wide toe box and a thicker sole or special insole that softens impacts to the heel.

Start hiking differently.

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