Men’s urban shoes


Even walking over concrete can be comfortable. Don’t believe us? Put on healthy shoes that will help you keep a healthy posture and free your feet.

At a meeting, in the city, or in the forest. No matter where you go, wear healthy and comfortable shoes. Walk millions of steps in Ahinsa shoes without any blisters or pinched toes.
85 products

85 products

Why does shoe design matter?

The shoes’ design determines how comfortable it is to walk in them. Classic shoes are narrow and stiff. It’s as if the feet are imprisoned in them. The toes don’t have sufficient space to move and the tight design causes calluses and blisters.

Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists, who know what your feet need. Healthy shoes have a wide toe box and give your feet freedom. When walking in them, you use your toes and feet naturally, which helps you gradually straighten your posture and stand healthily.

Walking in Ahinsa shoes is free and comfortable.

Should you choose the barefoot or Comfort shoes?

Comfort and barefoot shoes with a wide toe box give your toes the room to move freely. The soles of barefoot shoes are only several millimeters thick, giving your foot maximum contact with the ground. Walking in barefoot shoes is also most similar to healthy walking with bare feet

Comfort shoes either have a thicker sole or a special inner lining that softens impacts to your heel. When walking in them, you won’t feel every single pebble beneath you while enjoying the comfort.

Conquer the concrete jungle in comfortable shoes.

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