Men’s Barefoot Casual Shoes


Step into healthy shoes that are breathable and respect the anatomical shape of your foot. Discover barefoot shoes from Ahinsa shoes.

12 products

12 products

Shoes That Let Your Feet Breathe

We craft our shoes from materials that fulfil the wishes of your feet. They are breathable, flexible, and lightweight. Moreover, they are vegan. For instance, CF+ is a type of vegan leather that is cruelty-free. It brings fresh air to your foot while also protecting it from rain.

Another material we use is hemp canvas. Due to its natural origin, hemp is perfectly breathable and durable. It also protects your feet from UV rays. Hemp cools your feet, making it an excellent choice for warm and sunny days.

Happy Feet Come First

Did you know that shoes can influence your mood? In healthy footwear from Ahinsa shoes, you'll feel happy. They are designed by physiotherapists. The shoes feature a wide toe-box, thin sole, and are zero-drop. Your foot can be free inside them.

You'll experience freedom and lightness while wearing Ahinsa shoes. Plus, you'll stay in contact with the surface you walk on.

You've just discovered shoes that respect nature and your natural way of walking.

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