Men’s Barefoot Hiking Shoes


Enjoy walking in nature with all of your senses. Thanks to the thin sole, your foot will enjoy an acupressure point massage at every step, making you feel good. Discover a new dimension of hiking.

19 products

19 products

Why head outdoors in barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes respect the shape of your foot. The toes move freely in the wide toe box. You’ll be getting the most out of your foot’s area while walking, and that’s why you won’t slip up on a root or wet rock.

The thin-soled shoes weigh only several hundred grams. We make them from flexible and durable materials, which will perfectly adapt to your foot. That’s why barefoot shoes are the best choice for hiking.

Shoes that your foot can breathe in

We make barefoot shoes from durable and breathable materials. For example, we use vegan leather or extra breathable AirNet mesh. The vegan leather won’t absorb water while still providing enough fresh air to the feet. Your feet won’t sweat in the shoes, which will keep you feeling comfortable.

Indulge your feet in only the best.

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