Men’s Comfort Hiking Shoes


Your feet will fall in love with healthy Ahinsa shoes. The toes in the shoes move freely. Thanks to breathable materials, your feet won’t sweat. And the shoes won’t slip on rocks or in mud. Take joy in every step.

8 products

8 products

Why set off on a hike in Ahinsa shoes?

Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists, who know what your body needs. A wide toe box is essential, as it doesn’t constrict the toes, allowing them to move freely. The foot functions properly and balances tension in the body.

Compared to classic hiking boots, which can weigh up to 1.5kg, these Comfort shoes are feather-light. They only weigh several hundred grams, which means you’ll be walking in them with perfect lightness.

Materials that your feet will love

We make the shoes from vegan and recycled materials, which adapt to the shape of your foot. For example, we use vegan leather, which is breathable but also doesn’t absorb water. The AirNet mesh provides enough fresh air to your feet, and the flexible Italian-brand Vibram soles move just like your feet do.

Walk in shoes that your feet are happy in.

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