Women's barefoot and comfort shoes

Women’s Urban Shoes

Comfortable or stylish shoes? You can have both in one pair. Healthy Ahinsa shoes made out of a collaboration between physiotherapists and designers. 

You’re the most beautiful when you’re comfortable.


Walk around town with lightness. Put on shoes that respect the shape of your foot. Your toes won’t be constricted in them, preventing blisters and calluses. In healthy shoes, you’ll fall in love with walking.

180 products

180 products

A night on the town or the great outdoors?

You can set off anywhere in healthy shoes. Are you planning a formal evening or business meeting? Put on elegant ballet flats made from vegan leather, which is cruelty-free to animals. Relaxing summer nature walks will be even more pleasant thanks to sneakers with breathable, rip-resistant AirNet mesh.

Should you choose Comfort or barefoot shoes?

If you love barefoot walking, put on barefoot shoes that have a sole that’s only several millimeters thick. When wearing them, your foot will perfectly feel the terrain you’re walking over. Plus, you’ll be enjoying a foot massage at every step. We make the sole from durable German material, which won’t wear out easily.

The Comfort series has a thicker sole or special insole that softens impacts to the heel. Thanks to the same design as the barefoot models, you’ll enjoy comfortable walking. This is ensured by the wide toe-box, which allows the toes to move freely.

Choose shoes that are a perfect fit.

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