Women's barefoot and comfort shoes

Women’s Hiking Shoes

Comfortable or stylish shoes? You can have both in one pair. Healthy Ahinsa shoes made out of a collaboration between physiotherapists and designers. 

You’re the most beautiful when you’re comfortable.


Looking for a shoe that you can take millions of steps in on any terrain? Put on a healthy pair of Ahinsa shoes, which are lightweight with durable soles that won't easily wear out. They also have 2.5 times better slip resistance than the norm requires. Let’s go outdoors!

52 products

52 products

Do something extra for your health

Fresh air brings provides oxygen to the brain, and walking outside will benefit your psyche. In healthy shoes, you'll enjoy a walk through the countryside even more. Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists, who know what’s good for your health. Shoes with a wide toe box respect the natural shape of your foot, and that’s why you’ll feel free and light when walking. You'll also be promoting healthy posture.

Should you choose barefoot shoes or ones from the Comfort line?

What’s the difference between the Comfort line and barefoot shoes? Barefoot shoes are worn by barefoot walking aficionados. These shoes have a wide toe box and thin sole so your foot can maximally adapt to the terrain.

Shoes from the Comfort line also have a wide toe box so the toes feel free in them. They differ from barefoot shoes in the thicker sole or special insole so you don’t feel each and every pebble under your feet.

Walk through the landscape in comfortable and healthy shoes.

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