Women’s Comfort Hiking Shoes


Walk down forest paths and hiking trails with lightness. Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists who know what your feet feel best in. It’s essential to have shoes with a wide toe-box so your toes can be free. Discover the comfort of healthy shoes.

14 products

14 products

Comfort in any terrain

Did you know that a pair of classic hiking boots can weigh up to 1.5kg? Our ankle shoes weigh around 500g and our hiking sandals even less. That’s why you’ll be walking light in them.

We also use Italian Vibram soles, which won’t easily wear thin. In Comfort shoes, you’ll take millions of steps. The anti-slip sole won’t let you down, even in wet terrain.

Shoes made from vegan materials

At Ahinsa shoes, we honor ethical values and therefore produce shoes from vegan and recycled materials.

Vegan leather, which is harm-free to animals, is the best for hiking shoes. It’s made from a special micro-fiber that looks like real leather but has better qualities. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It will also perfectly adapt to the shape of your foot.  

Head out and explore nature in healthy shoes.

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