Women’s Comfort Urban Shoes


Walking on concrete is tiring and can cause back pain. Head into the concrete jungle in perfectly comfortable shoes - the kind we make at Ahinsa.

62 products

62 products

What do shoes that your feet will love look like?

Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists who know what’s best for your feet. The shoes have a wide toe box, which doesn’t constrict the toes like a normal shoe. The toes can move freely and your foot is in a healthy position.

And it’s precisely this healthy position that’s reflected in the comfort you’ll enjoy when walking in shoes with a wide toe box.

Your foot wants to breathe freely

The comfort of healthy shoes isn’t only about design, but also about materials. At Ahinsa shoes, we use durable materials that allow your foot to breathe. The shoes made from vegan leather are waterproof but also breathable. They wick away sweat from the feet and provide them with fresh air. They’re suitable for the spring, autumn and winter. Your feet can enjoy the summer in breathable AirNet mesh or shoes made from natural hemp.

Enjoy walking, even through the concrete jungle.

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