Ecological Shoe Deo 2GO

Ecological Shoe Deo 2GO

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Active freshness and effective odour neutralization.

Immediately eliminates unpleasant odours. Long lasting formula.

Suitable for shoes, bags, equipment and more. Provides fresh smell, climate effect and moisture management. Waterbased and solvent free. Biodegradable.


Shake the bottle before use. Spray into the shoe or directly on the cause of odour. Allow to dry.

Keep out of reach of children. Recycle only completely empty cans.

Biodegradable formula nad recyclable packaging. 

Content: 150 ml.

Physiotherapists about Ahinsa shoes®


Ahinsa shoes allow the feet natural movement because they provide plenty of place for the toes. The thin and flexible outsole gives the feet a chance to optimally perceive the ground. We must mention the ethical and ecolgical production in the Czech Republic. All this makes the Ahinsa shoes an ideal choice for anyone who wants more than just the shoes and wants to enjoy a real walk.

Mgr. Ludmila Dítětová

Ahinsa shoes are for me beautiful, original Czech barefoot schoes, which are characterized by careful craftsmanship and the use of high quality materials - natural or recycled. They provide enough space for the fornt of the foot, which is necessary for the correct posture of the toes and which also influences the posture of the whole body.

MUDr. Hana Bořecká

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