5 Tips for Matching Your Shoes With Your Dress

If there’s any wardrobe piece nobody can seem to resist, it’s shoes. According to fashionandmash.com, the average woman has an astounding 17 to 27 pairs of shoes at any given time. That said, isn’t it interesting – and a little frustrating – that very often, we still feel like we never have any shoes that match our clothes?

A woman standing in the mirror is deciding which pair of barefoot shoes she's going to wear.

Do you struggle with deciding which pair of barefoot shoes to wear? Read on for useful tips!

Whether it’s because you’re getting overwhelmed by too many options or you simply aren’t sure what looks good together, here are some helpful tips that will make matching your shoes to your dress fun and easy:

1. Complement the proportions of your dress with your shoes

A big part of what makes an outfit look good is proportion. Too much – or too little – of something can either drown your body or make it look comically large. Hence, it’s important to keep a balance. So, if you’re wearing clothes that are more oversized, you’ll want to wear more streamlined shoes like our Ananda ballet flats. Conversely, if you’re wearing something streamlined, wear a pair of more structured shoes like our Jaya Barefoot boots. Since these are designed with vibrant colors and distinct silhouettes, they will provide a balance to your look.

2. Think of a theme for your look

It may also help to envision a theme, such as bohemian, goth, or sporty. By doing so, it will be easier to determine whether or not your shoes fit the image you’re trying to achieve. So while a pair of black Bindu 2 Airnet sneakers will complete your punk-rock look, you’re better off wearing a breezy pair of sandals for your tropical ensemble. If you need some help familiarising yourself with different styles and themes, try studying the outfits of your favorite celebrity, influencer, or even TV personality. This will give you a good starting point to build from.

A woman wearing simplistic sandals is sitting in grass and smiles.

Sometimes a pair of minimalistic sandals is all you ourfit needs.

3. Consider where you’ll be going

Don’t forget that comfort and practicality are also important. Just consider where you’re headed and what you’ll be doing when picking out your clothes. You’ll also want to finish off the look with shoes that enable you to do what you have to do easily. You may want to wear those new winter boots, but if you’re going to a local park in the summer to check out the newly-opened trails, you’re better off wearing a lighter shoe to support your joints alignment while also regulating temperature.

4. Determine if you’re trying to conceal or enhance a feature

Dressing for your body type doesn’t end with the clothes you’re wearing. Choosing the right shoes can boost the concealing or enhancing effect of your outfit. For instance, since most petites aim to elongate their features, prettyme.ph suggests wearing monochromatic dresses since this creates an illusion of length. In line with this, they also suggest finishing the look with neutral-colored shoes to emphasize the leg line. Some examples of shades you can consider are Light Brown, Brown, or Beige – all of which we achieve with our barefoot shoes using natural and vegan dyes. Conversely, if you’re more apple-shaped, you can create the look of curves by wearing cinched clothes and shoes that have a slimmer profile such as the aforementioned ballet flats or Bindu 2 casual shoes.

5. Experiment with patterns

If you tend to avoid pairing prints on prints, you’re missing out. In fact, the most recent autumn and winter collections boast over-the-top coats with exciting patterns, as featured on stylist.co.uk. That said, try playing with contrasting designs and colors to add depth and character to your outfit. If you’re wearing a striped dress, for example, then pairing it with polka dot shoes lend your look a bolder and more interesting appeal. To be sure that you can still enjoy your bold shoes with several different outfits, though, do opt for patterns that are still timeless. Some examples of our beautiful printed shoes that you can match many different ways include our Fantasia Barefoot flats with prints including multicolor paisley.

A woman wearing Ahinsa ballet flats and colorful pants is stretching in a park.

Colorful patterns are fun! Try them too.

Remember that dressing up in beautiful clothes and shoes should always be fun. So don’t be afraid to play around and try different pairings until you find one that expresses your style the best. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you like the way you look and feel inside and out.


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Written by Samantha Nicole

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