Women's Barefoot Casual Shoes


Imagine having a pair of healthy shoes that you can wear to the theatre, work, and on trips. Not only will you save a significant amount of money, but also the time you would need to spend choosing the right footwear. At Ahinsa shoes, we craft our shoes from materials that are breathable and can withstand an unexpected rain shower.

14 products

14 products

Your Feet Be Happy in These Healthy Shoes

At Ahinsa shoes, we collaborate with physiotherapists to design our shoes. Our healthy footwear features a wide toe-box, allowing your toes to spread out and move freely. The sole is just a few millimetres thick, keeping you grounded and in touch with the surface you walk on.

The shoes are zero-drop, meaning there is no elevated heel. This prevents your body from tilting unnaturally while walking, allowing you to move in a state of total relaxation.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

In our shoe production, we are considerate of nature. We use materials that are recyclable and cruelty-free. For example, our vegan leather is actually a microfiber that has even better qualities than real leather. It's easy to maintain, breathable, doesn't scuff easily, and protects your feet from moisture.

Growing hemp requires minimal intervention from humans. It doesn't need artificial irrigation, pesticides, or fertilisers. The fabric made from it is breathable, so your feet can breathe freely in hemp shoes. It also has antibacterial properties and protects your feet from UV radiation.

Slip your feet into the most comfortable casual shoes.

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