Women’s Barefoot Urban Shoes


Discover shoes that you’ll feel comfortable in, even at the center of the concrete jungle. At Ahinsa, healthy shoes are designed by physiotherapists, who know best what your foot needs when walking over hard surfaces. Find out just how comfortable walking through town can be.

Healthy walking looks good on you! Discover women's designer barefoot shoes made by physiotherapists. They're lightweight, flexible, and oh so comfortable.
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91 products

Why is walking in barefoot shoes better than in regular sneakers?

An aching back, blisters and fatigue. That’s how most people feel when walking over a concrete surface in regular sneakers. Normal shoes are narrow and the toes are constricted. They don’t have the space to function properly.

Barefoot shoes have a wide toe box that frees the toes. In the spacious toe box, the toes will rebound properly with every step. Your whole body will feel relaxed. The advantage is the sole, which is only several millimeters thick, allowing your foot to read the terrain and adapt to it.

Materials that make the foot feel comfortable

When making healthy shoes, we use vegan materials that are environmentally-friendly. An example is vegan leather. This is a special micro-fiber that at first glance looks just like real leather. But, it’s more scratch-resistant and allows the foot to breathe. Vegan leather is waterproof, so even unexpected rain won’t catch you off guard.

Even walking in the city can be healthy and comfortable.

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