Women’s Barefoot Hiking Shoes


Feel the surface that’s beneath your feet. In healthy Ahinsa shoes, you’ll be in the closest possible contact with nature. Thanks to the zero-drop sole, you’ll perfectly tune into the terrain. 

Bring a whole new dimension to your walks.

Healthy walking looks good on you! Discover women's designer barefoot shoes made by physiotherapists. They're lightweight, flexible, and oh so comfortable.
32 products

32 products

Feel the terrain you’re walking in

Did you know that the brain gains 80% of its information regarding balance from the soles of the feet? Thanks to the thin sole, the feet can “see” the ground, and the brain adapts the tension in the muscles according to what kind of path you’re walking over. Whether you’re treading over a bumpy trail or walking on soft moss, your foot will perfectly adapt to the terrain. Find out why walking in the terrain in barefoot shoes is better.

Walk with ease

Classic hiking boots are heavy and constrain your foot in their narrow tips. Walking in them is cumbersome, and you’re also straining your lumbar region. Healthy hiking shoes are super-light and give your toes freedom. You’ll easily walk tens of kilometers in them as each step brings you joy.

Experience a new dimension of hiking.

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